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- Initial Sample Inspection


The software EMP/PPAP.Net includes everything you require for planning, executing, maintaining, and printing initial sample inspection reports. From sample management and data entry to evaluation and documentation – conduct all sample-related jobs with just one software. Use the sophisticated auto-functions, CAD-Integration, pre-defined reports, and evaluations of EMP/PPAP.Net in order to reduce the work involved in the initial sample inspection process to a minimum.

  • Standard-compliant planning, administration, and execution of sample inspections
  • A variety of CAD import formats available (e.g. DXF, DWG, IGES)
  • Integrated CAD-Viewer
  • Fully integrated in CAQ-Compact.Net®
  • Suitable for all DIN EN ISO 9001 / VDA / ISO/TS 16949 sample types
  • Automated stamping of drawing characteristics
  • Connect measuring devices, inspection robots, and laboratory equipment
  • Multi-language support for dynamic and master data
  • Comprehensive selection and sorting criteria
  • Fulfils current VDA and QS 9000 requirements
  • Supports customary interfaces and multi-dimensional gauges
  • Printouts customizable via optional form generator


Suppliers conduct initial sampling processes in order to provide evidence, that their products meet the required quality parameters. The initial sample is thereby subjected to a comprehensive inspection, which identifies possible faults prior to serial production and verifies that agreements have been upheld. Serial production can only commence after the customer has made a positive verdict regarding the initial sample which is documented in the inital sample inspection report.

Our software EMP/PPAP.Net® supports you throughout the standard-compliant creation and processing of your initial samples in accordance with ISO 9001, QS 9000 / ISO/TS 16949 (PPAP), or VDA 6 (PPF). It, however, always remains so flexible, that you can create any other type of sample inspection report as well. The software solution provides you with everything you need to create standard-compliant reports at the push of a button and the user-friendly tree structures mean that you can conveniently select suppliers or customers and define comprehensive inspection plans and characteristics structures in next to no time. The completed reports can then be e-mailed directly from within the system in shape of a PDF-file.


Regardless of whether you are dealing with photos, drawings, or complex product descriptions – simply add your file directly to the inspection plan or characteristics level of the sample in shape of an OLE object and retain all original file parameters. This allows you to always ensure accountability and transparency, and provide information right when it is needed. With our software solution, uncertainties regarding characteristics and product details are a matter of the past. Whether dealing with customers, developers, or production departments – EMP/PPAP.Net® provides you with everything you require for effective and efficient sampling processes. Additionally, the comprehensive history functions allow instant access to all past sample revisions of your products. All of this, together with the user-friendly evaluation and documentation tools, facilitates next level standard-compliant reporting that satisfies even the most specific customer demands.

The graphic inspection planning tool CAD-Link.Net® can be fully integrated into CAQ-Compact.Net® and EMP/PPAP.Net® and allows you to retrieve inspection characteristics from directly within your CAD drawings. All relevant characteristics data, including specifications (sizes, shapes, tolerances, symbols, and comments) and many additional parameters, can be retrieved with the click of a button. This means that the referential integrity is always ensured and the likelihood of data transmission errors is eliminated.

EMP/PPAP.Net® allows you to create an initial sample with dozens of characteristics and automatically transfer the relevant information to product inspection departments. Regardless of how complex the production and process drafts in your production inspection plans are, the software always provides you with everything you need for consolidating this information and creating a standard-compliant sample report.

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