Refined Risk

Energy and Sustainability Software


Our Sustainability Risk Module uses your utility and waste data to provide you with elegant dashboards you can use to identify trends, model best practices and reduce both energy usage and your carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability Risk Module provides an Executive Dashboard that summarizes your energy usage and sustainability performance across either single sites or a portfolio of properties.

There is also a Management Dashboard that aggregates operational data so that Property or Facility Managers can identify, track and report on all of their sustainability metrics in real-time.

Your Eye In the Sky

Record all of your sustainability metrics in a single database to easily analyze, trend, report and communicate to your stakeholders.

Track data related to sustainable economic performance and sustainability indicators such as energy consumption, carbon footprint and waste production.

Reporting for Duty

Our Sustainability Risk Module allows you to select key performance indicators that demonstrate your progress over time both in energy usage and carbon footprint reduction.

You have immediate access to a wide range of ad-hoc and pre-built reports that allow you to easily track processes and issue detailed sustainability reports.

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