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Energy & Sustainability Data Management


You don’t need to buy bells and whistles to achieve basic results for your energy and sustainability programs.  CSRware® delivers a solution you can buy today and start tomorrow without complexity, hidden costs or months of customizing software.

If you are attempting to centralize utility data, benchmark performance, replace managing multiple spreadsheets, fill-out environmental compliance or sustainability surveys, you have come to the right place for assistance. CSRware’s Energy & Sustainability Management (ESM) software will allow you to open up data collection to your entire organization, apply Environmental Sustainability metrics to calculate results you need to automate calculations, standardize data formats and be able to report to your management on your cost savings and environmental performance.

We take the administrative function out of your daily activities to free you up to focus on planning, strategy and driving improvements important to your management and all stakeholders.

ESM can assist you with Greenhouse Gas emissions, complex calculations, benchmarking sites, driving improvements and aligning with the  various survey and reporting requests and other energy and sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) without you having to calculate results or tracking down data the last minute. Get ahead of survey requests by having your data readily available. What is your CO2, energy usage per number of products produced, water usage, water discharge, and other key questions.

Simple Report Generation – Your Results – Fast and Accurate:

Are you being asked the following questions regularly, but can’t answer them quickly and accurately?

  1. What are your Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) for your plants, factories or facilities?
  2. How much electricity do you use to produce a product?
  3. How do I drill-down to find problem areas via dashboards?
  4. Are you complying with environmental compliance standards?
  5. Do you need to answer survey to score better on scorecard responses?
  6. Are you scrambling using Excel and trying to share it with your organization?

CSRware’s ESM software is a data metrics tool to track, measure and manage environmental sustainability and manufacturing demands by assessing, optimizing and providing corrective actions to decrease GHG emissions, energy usage, fuel, materials, water, minerals and other key materials required for IT equipment, retail products or any production involving the use of natural resources to conduct business.

ESM enables you to get started on a small scale to collect the data you require for quick analysis or reporting a ONE-STOP SHOP for internal and external data resource management.

Would it be easier to have your data in one location, use any mobile device to add it and be able to quickly report to your business partner surveys in a repeatable manner?

The Opportunity

The Problem: Companies need to protect natural resources required to produce products consumers enjoy and demand. They are trying to respond to business needs while maintaining environmental balance. They recognize we have limited natural resources, the need to recycle, consumer demand for Eco-Friendly products and the trend toward hybrid cars to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce demand on oil. However, companies struggle with how to uncover or consolidate the data required to improve performance while keeping prices low.

The Solution: CSRware software offers an easy-to-use tool to seamlessly collect resource data, analyze it and implement corrective actions. With CSRware, companies can now optimize, measure and manage environmental sustainability data to manage these demands, costs & increase profitability.

An example of one of your data views:

Get started today at an affordable price to quickly understand your performance and mitigate risks. ESM allows for a quick setup without high costs or a complex implementation. With ESM you can: invite others in your organization to enter data, gain visibility into key metrics, understand inefficiencies inside your own four walls, plants, facilities and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

ESM enables you to get started on a small scale to collect the data you require for quick analysis or reporting for survey responses, GHG calculations, Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability using metrics of your choice.

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