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Today, businesses face tremendous pressure to perform – not just fiscally, but in the environmental and social arenas as well. There are unprecedented challenges in the areas of: Increased compliance demonstration burdens, increased public interest in environmental performance, Competitive pressure to optimize operations.

In the past, organizations have used the paper and clipboard approach or a collection of disparate spreadsheets and databases for collecting and managing data. These approaches can lead to isolated islands of information that are difficult to interpret, consolidate, and report, and work processes that are complex and difficult for all but a few to understand.

Employing an EMIS can eliminate these disconnected islands by creating bridges for sharing data among systems. An EMIS can also help standardize business processes across an individual site or an entire company. An EMIS facilitates tasks such as collecting, managing, and reporting data associated with local, state, and federal EH&S regulatory requirements as well as greenhouse gas emissions data associated with climate change concerns.

Implementing an EMIS can eliminate duplicate data entry, thereby improving accuracy and optimizing resources. It can also increase efficiency by improving standardization within the data entry process and replacing or integrating with legacy systems.

  • Link to a financial system to view information about raw material orders and predict future downstream environmental impacts
  • Link to a manufacturing system for information about daily material used and emissions produced
  • Link to a plant historian or process control system to capture operations data and identify data trends
  • Link to a human resources system to relate basic employee information with job functions for OSHA and training purposes
  • Link to an MSDS system to share information on chemical properties

Valuable information can be difficult to access or easily lost when an organization’s knowledge capital, skills, and experience are recorded on paper, stored in different databases, or kept in people’s heads. Organizations can capture valuable knowledge from senior staff by recording and managing relevant data in an EMIS. Once the critical EH&S knowledge is captured, the EMIS can be configured to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time, at the appropriate level of detail.

With an increasing regulatory burden – in terms of both new regulations and broader liability for organizational performance – companies must have a reliable, efficient system for demonstrating compliance.

Although an automated system cannot ensure regulatory compliance, having consistent, accurate EH&S data and task management capabilities can certainly facilitate the process. For instance, an EMIS can allow the user to perform ad hoc analysis for operational changes, assessing each according to potentially applicable regulations that may be triggered. It can also notify responsible personnel when a required compliance task is upcoming or an out-of-compliance condition occurs or is likely.

An EMIS automates time-consuming tasks, facilitates data sharing, and reduces time spent gathering and auditing data and manually generating compliance reports. Thus, the organization can minimize EH&S staff growth and allow its EH&S professionals to focus on key job functions and more strategic, goal-oriented thinking.

A system that produces readily available, high quality data can be relied upon to support better operational decision making. It can also improve the organization’s compliance management efforts by facilitating timely reporting and helping to ensure continuous compliance.

T3 has unparalleled expertise in the design and implementation of innovative and cost-effective EH&S information management solutions. In fact, we have designed and implemented more EH&S information management solutions than any other consulting firm in the industry.
Powerful functionality

Our enterprise solutions take advantage of the most powerful software available for EH&S data and compliance management. By using commercially available software, our clients benefit from readily available upgrades and “behind the scenes” improvements. You can be assured that our recommendations are based on what is most appropriate for your needs. We objectively evaluate software to identify the best solution for each client based on their particular needs; we receive no royalties for recommending individual software products.

Our solutions can be Web- or server-based, depending on the application, and are available on a variety platforms to meet your company’s existing Information Technology (IT) standards. T3 has the proven skills to integrate EMIS applications with a multitude of legacy systems. We implement systems that can be linked to resident databases for “extended reach” as well as to handheld and custom solutions. If your needs are not adequately met by an existing commercial application, our developers can create a custom solution with precisely the functionality you need.

  • A plant expansion is planned, potentially triggering new permitting and regulatory requirements
  • Rightsizing has reduced the size of your EH&S staff, yet the burden of work has not decreased
  • Corporate-wide initiatives have resulted in a lack of support from the Information Technology (IT) department for current environmental data management practices
  • Environmental operations are handled differently among company facilities with the same processes
  • Current methodologies use archaic spreadsheets that are understood by few staff members
  • Data used to generate environmental regulatory reports are manually transferred, with repeated human intervention, from an ERP or production system


T3 was launched in 1995 when Trinity Consultants, a nationwide leader in environmental consulting, responded to client needs by focusing on the specialized area of EH&S management solutions. Today T3 is an industry leader with a rare mix of EH&S professionals and IT experts. This powerful combination gives T3 unmatched capability in applying technology to solve industry’s EH&S information management challenges. In every way, T3 and Trinity are committed to helping you achieve the highest standards – of business performance, and environmental responsibility.

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