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Envidas Ultimate, a trademark of Envitech Europe is an intelligent, multi-function, multi-site high-performance Continuous Emissions Monitoring & data acquisition system. It is designed with affordability and versatility in mind. Envidas Ultimate is a  CEM/AQM state-of-the-art system that uses non-proprietary desktop or industrial PC computer components to run flexible, environmental data management software. A wide variety of data acquisition cards and data loggers SCADA may be installed and communicate. The software includes a set of software programs designed to perform data acquisition and control for environmental and process monitoring applications. Local reporting and graphical display capability is included, reflecting the air monitoring data.

The list of applications that come as part of the Envidas Ultimate SCADA system make it one of the best Environmental Monitoring System available today, they are:
  • Envidas Ultimate Setup – Provides the administrator tools for configuring the required parameters for the Envidas operation control, including multi sites, analyzers, methods of communication, monitors, users and their permissions, calibration sequences and more.
  • Envidas Ultimate View - Allows the user to view the configuration results that were made through using the Envidas Ultimate Setup program; presenting dynamic tables & data traces, general system view and individual port view, analyzer view, calibration sequence views and much more.
  • Envidas Service Manager - Allows a user to start and stop the communication architecture utilized by Envidas Ultimate suite.
  • Envidas Ultimate Reporter - The data management application allows viewing, analyzing, report, and distributing environmental quality data.
  • Envidas Ultimate Web - A web based interface for both public and private viewing of data over a network connection such as a wireless connection, a 3G router, or cable.
  • Envidas Ultimate Viewer (Remote) - The Envidas Ultimate View application provides remote control tools to manage the Envidas Ultimate from a remote location. This option saves on unnecessary trips to a station for configuration purposes, calibration tests and so no.
  • Camera View - Add this application (with separate desktop icon) to view all cameras in the system especially cameras in the CEM/AQM stations.

The basic ENVIDAS system includes 8 analog, 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs and 5 RS232C communication ports.

Envidas IPC-510


  • 19” rack mount case meets the EIA RS-310C standard
  • ATX or Back plane mother board
  • Field-replaceable 350-watt power supply
  • Shock-absorbing mounts cushion disk drives
  • Dual push-pull cooling fans generate positive air pressure inside the chassis
  • Filtered cooling air reaches all cards
  • Removable air filter
  • Lockable door for rustproof integrity and running security
  • Hold-down clamp protects plug-in cards from vibration
  • Full line of industrial CPU cards

4-Slot Distributed DA&C System

The EnviDAQ-9000/485 and EnviDAQ-9000E systems conform to the EIA RS-485 communication standard. This is the industry's most widely used, balanced, bidirectional transmission line standard. RS-485 was specifically developed for industrial applications to transmit and receive data at high rates over long distances.

ENVIDAS supports automatic calibration control, recording and correction. The software generates calibration and data reports at different time intervals, and can transfer data via several communication devices. The software is flexible and easy-to-use, turnkey application software that turns a PC with a data acquisition module into an intelligent environmental data acquisition system.
  • Multi tasking software - no data is lost during polling
  • Multi-tasking software allows user interaction without interrupting data collection
  • Runs under Windows XP Pro, Vista Business, Windows 2003/8 Server
  • Handles up to 2,560 analog inputs
  • Handles 64 – 2,560 digital input channels
  • Handles 64-2,560 digital output channels
  • Supports up to 64 RS232C channels
  • Remote access for edit or check configuration, calibration start/stop, viewing current measurements, and complete remote control

  • Measuring rate: every 1, 2, 5, 10 sec’ or any requested rate
  • User selected average: 1, 5, 6, 15 or 60 min are typical
  • Dynamic display of instantaneous values in engineering units, voltages, or any calculation
  • Password protection, 3 users levels
  • Calculations for math and meteorological statistics
  • n Sec’ sample data storage for pre configured amount of days
  • Automatic calibration correction and control via relays, calibrators or analyzer remote commands

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, periodic data listing textual and graphical reports
  • Histogram, Wind Rose, Pollution Rose, Polar and Event Analysis reports.
  • Calibration report
  • System fail report
  • Analyzer Digital status information report
  • Analyzer Diagnostic Report
  • Service Log-Book Writer and Reporter
  • Complete Internal Web Site for remote reporting and On-Line Display’s
  • Manual data transfer by using a USB Key
  • SQL Database 2005/8 Express Edition
  • Real-Time instantaneous values graph
  • Communication via RS232C to the smart   analyzers (Multi-drop & Star connection available)
  • Collection and reporting of analyzer status information

  • Remote access  feature allows the user to have direct  analyzer connection from a remote location
  • Calibration sequence control via RS232C, TCP/IP and Digital Outputs
  • Automatic alarm messages via GSM SMS and/or e-mail transfer.
  • Optional Bill Boards display support
  • More than 10 years of Data Base Information
  • Connection with Envista ARM data system via telephone line (POTS, cellular, or leased line), Internet, direct serial or radio
  • Error checked data transfer to Envista ARM

  • On bard is the Microsoft IIS web server running Envidas Ultimate Web. Accessing the Ultimate logger from any standard web browser from anywhere in the world has never been any easier.
  • Reports, data views, events, and much more can be done over the internet without the need to install any special user applications

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