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Environmental Data Management


FigBytes' environmental data management functionality provides organizations with the ability to track and capture relevant environmental data and manage it for performance and analytics. It allows for easy management, tracking and reporting all of your environmental metrics, streamlining environmental incident reporting, and facilitating connections with your overall sustainability or even your corporate strategy.

Environmental data collection and management can be highly challenging. It is also a major input into your sustainability and carbon management plans. FigBytes can track many different types of environmental data coming from multiple sources. As data flows into the FigBytes system, it is combined with data from other data sets such as financial or HR to generate metrics and KPIs that you need for your reporting and management purposes. 

FigBytes can track the following environmental data:

  • Energy & Carbon
  • Waste
  • Wastewater
  • Water
  • Agriculture & Farming

Handles multiple, different formats

Allows “farming out of data capture” by enabling data contributors on site to report data through “customized” interfaces for each individual

Automatic quality checks through various notification triggers (values ranges, gaps in data, variations, etc.)

Verification and validation workflows for sign-off and quality control

Dashboard caters to multiple views for each individual area of responsibility

Calculation of sustainability and environmental impacts

Most importantly, manage your environmental data in the context of your overall corporate strategy by visualizing the impact detailed environmental data has on your corporate & sustainability goals

Analytics include self-serve reports that allow you to integrate with other data streams.

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