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Environmental Sustainability Metrics



The Environmental Sustainability Metrics Module enables businesses to track, analyze, and report on all sustainability data and implement short- and long-term corporate sustainability strategies with ease.

  • Assess the status of your sustainability programs in real-time from a centralized system
    Track, analyze and report on accurate, comprehensive and current sustainability data with the click of a button through instant, real-time reports and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. Apply sustainability benchmarks internally and across all business units, locally, regionally and worldwide.
  • Communicate sustainability performance to stakeholders
    Use comprehensive, boardroom-quality sustainability reports and up-to-date metrics to support strategic branding initiatives and communicate your environmental achievements to stakeholders.
  • Harmonize companywide business processes with your sustainability strategy
    Link your sustainability performance with your financial performance to develop integrated sustainability strategies to develop organizational synergy and optimize ROI.
  • Render your entire sustainability program completely transparent
    With access to real-time dashboards conveying all your sustainability metrics, you will gain comprehensive and accurate visibility of companywide environmental sustainability performance whenever it is required.
  • Save money by unlocking new efficiencies
    The Environmental Sustainability Metrics module will save you money and allow employees to focus on improving sustainability performance by virtually eliminating the time you spend managing the nuances of your sustainability program, from tracking, entering and analyzing data to generating accurate, in-depth reports.

  • Monitor Sustainability KPIs: Define and track waste, wastewater, energy and air emissions data with real-time dashboards and instant reports.
  • Track Metrics: Track usage, cost, or quantity of all metrics associated with your sustainability activities, initiatives and programs.
  • Manage Tasks: Use the built-in scheduler to schedule and assign sustainability-related tasks.
  • Integrate Data: Generate reports using module data individually or in combination with data from other modules.
  • Monitor Supply Chains: Expand the scope of your sustainability program to your entire supply chain by monitoring compliance through real-time metrics.

The Intelex's software platform is 100 percent web-based allowing users to easily access their system from any computer with an Internet connection. Core functionalities include:

  • Real-time Reporting
    Create instant, real-time reports and dashboards. Data can be rolled-up in real-time to multiple levels of management to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Automated Processes
    Automated tracking, management, and notification across multiple departments or locations eliminates the opportunity for human error and streamlines workflow processes.
  • Escalating Email Notification
    Send automated escalating email notifications to individual employees, departments, or work groups responsible for specific tasks.
  • Multiple Security Levels
    Define unique user-security settings to ensure only selected users have access to confidential information.

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