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Envista Web edition is designed to allow you to publish your environmental data which has been captured using Envista ARM environmental data management software onto the World Wide Web.Designed especially with the needs of public bodies and other agencies with a responsibility for environmental monitoring and reporting, the web edition provides a simple route to publication either to concerned citizens or within your organization through an Intranet.  Visitors to the web site are presented with the welcome screen, tailored to your choice of language.The site employs frames to provide a consistent look and feel throughout the site; a top banner contains the site title, language selection using flag icons and the locale specific date and time for the chosen country locale.

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003
  • SQL Server 2000/5, ORACLE 9i/10g
  • Multi-lingual design
  • Completely menu-driven
  • National, Regional navigation Map
  • On-Line data transfer from EnvistaARM via LAN/WAN or FTP
  • Periodic textual and graphical reports
  • Download reports as ASCII, Excel, Word and PDF Files
  • General information screens
  • Download area of monthly and annual reports
  • Links to Environmental Monitoring and Information sites
  • Contact screen
  • Complete administration tools

A map can be displayed of the entire area covered by the environmental monitoring stations, The AQM Station Map is divided to different regions.

If the mouse is left above an 'Index-spot' without being clicked, a small information screen will be displayed with information regarding the site. By clicking on a station 'Index-spot', the display will then switch to a site board for the selected station.

By using this feature, the user can produce text and graphical reports.

The following basic Reports are available:

  • Station Data Report - Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Periodic.
  • Monthly Matrix - Monthly Summary by Hour and by Day
  • Wind Polar - Joined wind direction with average or percent of wind speed or pollution per each direction.
  • Wind Rose - Joined wind speed, wind direction relative frequency.
  • Pollution Rose - Joined pollution concentration, wind direction relative frequency.
  • Group Plot - Multi station plot of one parameter.
  • Histogram - Frequency distribution.
  • 2Y Time Plot - Two parameters plotted against time.
  • XY Time Plot - Correlation between two parameters.

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