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- Wind Atlases - Shape Files for NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data



The wind atlases essentially are refinements (downscaling) of the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data performed with the three-dimensional atmospheric flow model MM5 using high-resolution terrain and land-use data. The continuous verification with wind and energy output data shows the advantage of these data in comparison to wind data from weather stations.

Our wind atlases, originally developed for internal use during the long-term correlation of wind measurements, have become indispensable for:

  • Initial estimate of wind and energy potential
  • Long-term correlation of wind measurements and turbine production data
  • Mesoscale wind potential maps
  • Impulse data sets for simulation models
  • Determination of the spatial correlation of the wind field in portfolio calculations
  • Calculation of the energy loss during prescribed turn-off times (because of bat protection, etc.)
  • Temporal wind and production information (diurnal and seasonal cycle)

The complete wind atlas for a country covers two selectable heights (higher than 40m) and can be visualized and analyzed with the included software tool anemos WINDLAS very easily. It offers the possibility of displaying wind potential at each grid point at different heights for a desired time period.
The wind atlas will be delivered with an external hard drive.

Digital Wind Resource Maps out of Wind Atlas Data Shape-Files
Based on the Wind atlas Data exist digital maps in a shp-format, that show the longterm intermediate value of the wind speed for every node in the country. These maps are available for a grid of 5x5 km and for every height higher than 40m.
The maps can be visualized with every GIS-System or with wind analysis tools like EMD WindPro.

The data contain the coordinates and the dedicated value of the intermediate wind speed.

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