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- Container Tracking - Hazardous Waste Module



This module is flexible enough to track waste containers as small as a vial to large hazardous waste storage tanks. Containers can be moved, consolidated, and automatically placed on a manifest for disposal. Companies with pollution prevention programs will be able to track the waste generated by each department or area.


  • Provides an inventory of all containers currently in use at a permitted storage location or a satellite storage area.
  • Identifies which containers have been in storage for more than a user-specified number of days.
  • Calculates the number of days a container has been in a waste storage area.
  • Tracks the accumulation and movement of wastes within a facility including the disposal of containers.
  • Tracks small containers and bottles as well as large tanks that accumulate waste prior to shipment.
  • Identifies containers stored within other containers and tracks their movement and disposal.
  • Records waste profiles and descriptions including information for HM-181.
  • Provides a reference table of all wastes generated by a facility including waste profiles.
  • Allocates the cost of each manifest back to the generating process or building.
  • Links the contents of a container to a manifest, including the specifics of transporters, disposers, and disposal dates.
  • Assists with waste minimization reporting. Graphically analyzes trends in waste generation.
  • Provides a system to monitor the generation, cost, status, and disposal of waste for each facility, division, or company.


  • Saves money by providing reports on the cost of hazardous waste generation and identifying lower-cost disposal options.
  • Supports waste minimization programs by determining the amount of waste generated by a process or at an individual site.
  • Assists in compliance by the use of accurate and consistent DOT shipping information.
  • Saves money by communicating throughout the company the status of each TSDF.

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