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- Manifest Tracking Module



The EPOCH Manifest Tracking Module is the cornerstone of a comprehensive waste management and tracking system. Use it as a stand-alone module or as part of a fully integrated Environmental Information Management System.


  • Prints the National Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest Form, Non-Hazardous Forms, and several other specialized forms.
  • Prints container labels for Hazardous Waste, Non-Hazardous Wastes, and Non-Regulated Wastes.
  • Prints shipping lists for Containers on a Manifest.
  • Prints Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) forms.
  • Tracks Certificates of Disposal (COD) returned from disposer.
  • Calculates and prints the RCRA Biennial and Annual Forms.
  • Calculates data for toxic waste releases for SARA 313 Form R.
  • Provides a history of all manifests generated by a facility.
  • Assists with waste minimization reporting. Analyzes trends in waste generation.
  • Provides a reference table of waste transporters and disposers. Keeps records for inactive vendors.
  • Stores extensive comments for each TSDF and transporter. Imports text from your word processor.
  • Prints reports on hazardous waste generation by disposer or waste stream.
  • Lists the number of days since a manifest was sent off site. Locate manifest by number or days outstanding.
  • Provides picklists for wastes, generating locations, transporters / disposers, and special handling text.
  • Insures that all facilities are using consistent DOT shipping information throughout the company.
  • Tracks the accumulation and movement of containers and wastes within a facility.
  • Reports to calculate state taxes can be easily added.
  • Determines the amount of waste disposed by method of disposal.
  • Provides a reference table of all wastes generated by a facility.
  • Provides a system to monitor the generation, cost, status and disposal of waste for each facility, division or company.
  • Allocates the costs for disposal, transportation, taxes and demurrage back to each generating department, process, or building.
  • Helps to identify lower-cost disposal options.


  • Saves money by providing reports on the cost of hazardous waste generation and identifying lower-cost disposal options.
  • Supports waste minimization programs by determining the amount of waste generated by a process or at an individual site.
  • Assists in compliance by the use of accurate and consistent DOT shipping information.
  • Saves money by communicating throughout the company the status of each TSDF.

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