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- PCB Equipment Module



The EPOCH PCB Equipment Module will allow for users to create a complete inventory system for transformers, capacitors and other PCB contaminated equipment. Standard reports will satisfy the annual TSCA reporting requirements.


  • Provides a complete inventory of all PCB contaminated equipment. More than 30 descriptive fields are available.
  • Creates an audit trail of all changes in concentration, location or status.
  • Integrates with the EPOCH Manifest Module to track the manifest number when an item is disposed.
  • Provides reports that can be used to satisfy the annual TSCA inventory reports.
  • Converts all quantities in service, out of service and in storage to kilograms.
  • Stores detailed inspection results, including corrective action measures.
  • Stores the inspection frequency and when integrated with the EPOCH Calendar Module will notify users via e-mail when an inspection is required.
  • Includes a Vendor file to store detailed information on each equipment manufacturer and disposal company.
  • Can be interfaced with maintenance work order systems to automate repair orders.
  • Maintains a status for each piece of equipment (Active, Out of Service, Disposed).
  • Supports Transformers, Containers, Low/High Voltage Capacitors and Miscellaneous Containers.
  • Minimize data entry by copying data from one item to another.


  • An integrated PCB and Waste Tracking system will insure accurate recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of your PCB reporting.
  • Save time by preparing annual reports in minutes.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by keeping data in a consolidated database.

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