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- Permit Tracking Module



The EPOCH Permit Module tracks all relevant data for permits issued by Federal, State and Local agencies. This module will also remind you of key deadlines and allow for comparison of permit limits among multiple facilities.


  • Identifies all permits that will expire within a user-specified number of days.
  • Stores detailed source limitations for an unlimited number of parameters and sources.
  • Stores all current, past and pending permits from Federal, State and local agencies in one central location (eliminates the need to search through file cabinets).
  • Tracks permit applications through various acceptance stages.
  • Identifies upcoming permit renewals several months in advance of expiration.
  • Stores multiple limits for each source (i.e. Federal, State, Internal).
  • Supports multiple calculation methods for monthly averages (Standard, Flow Weighted, Geometric).
  • Automatically replicate tasks on a Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annual or Annual basis for up to five years.
  • Establishes action items for regulatory compliance activities (deadlines, reports, inspections, etc.).
  • Tracks all obligations for each permit, including:
    • Meetings
    • Sampling deadlines
    • Reporting deadlines
    • Comment submission deadlines
    • Renewal notices


  • Eliminates manufacturing interruptions by insuring all permits are renewed on time.
  • Avoids problems associated with key deadlines being missed.
  • Increases negotiating power by viewing similar permits for other locations.
  • Creates a single environmental calendar.
  • Supports faster and more accurate DMR reporting.

Additionally, the Permit Tracking Module can be used with the Water Reporting Module. When used together, these modules will provide the following:

  • Prints the Federally required Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR).
  • Summarizes excursions by parameter or by source for any time frame.
  • Prints monthly average, maximum and minimum for each parameter.
  • Analyzes trends to isolate the cause of permit excursions.
  • Monitors against an unlimited number of parameters for an individual source.

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