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Environmental professionals are faced with ever-changing regulations, time sensitive air permits and consent decrees, as well the need for real-time emissions data. ESC is the industry's proven solutions provider with our market-leading CEMS Data Acquisition software, ESC|StackVision.

StackVision was designed specifically to meet the needs of air emissions compliance. StackVision's user-driven, innovative design keeps you informed on emissions data in a real-time console of tools and displays. With advanced features such as Console Viewer, DataLab, CalLab, Linearity/CGA and RATA, StackVision provides you with the tools necessary to meet all EPA and state agencies' monitoring and reporting process requirements.

StackVision is the premier air emissions compliance software with over 3000 units reporting NSPS and generating over 1800 EDRs each quarter. Coupled with ESC's forty plus years of experience, environmental professionals know that they can rely on ESC to keep them up-to-date with the latest emissions regulations and the most proficient air emissions compliance software.


  • A diverse library of Permit reports and comprehensive Part 75 EDR reporting flexibility
  • Powerful options such as saving default report selections and creating user specific report lists
  • Scheduled emails and printing tasks, in addition to the ability to export in Microsoft Excel® or Adobe® PDF formats

Customizable Console Displays and Alarms

  • Stay in compliance with a wide range of real-time display and alarm interface options
  • Prevent exceedances by using building, predictive and target calculations
  • Start calibrations and control digital relays with the click of a button

Emissions and Calibration Data at your Fingertips

  • Review, evaluate and diagnose emissions and calibration data in an intuitive software environment provided by DataLab and CalLab
  • User-configured filtering and data analysis options
  • Export data easily to Microsoft® Excel

QA/Certification Tools

  • Includes best-in-class Linearity/CGA and RATA tools
  • Create records and analyze results in real-time while tests are being conducted
  • Full suite of reports designed to make reporting of QA/Certification data quick and easy

Permit Calculations

  • Utilize ProcessNow tasks to calculate long-term compliance averages and evaluate limits
  • Configure data validity and operating requirements to meet the exact terms identified in your permit

Configuration - ESC|StackStudio

  • High-power administrator configuration tools which utilize the latest technology and put you in charge
  • Simple approach for importing Part 75 Monitoring Plan data from ECMPS
  • Intelligent validation and error checking based on compliance requirements

Data Management

  • Retain the exact amount of data that you want for each parameter and averaging interval
  • Easy-to-use data backup option with task scheduling

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