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- Version Seview 7.1 - Automatically Summarizes Modeling Software


SEVIEW simplifies documentation of modeling activities with a journal that automatically summarizes modeling activities as you setup and run the models. The SEVIEW journal and SESOIL summary tables can be converted to numerous spreadsheet and database formats, including EXCEL and Lotus. SESOIL and AT123D input files logged in the journal can be copied to a report file and/or to diskette for submittal with your report.

Simplified graphical setup

Base map

  • Zoom in/out
  • Scale
  • Rotate

Enhanced SESOIL and AT123D reports

  • Zoom in/out
  • Export graphs
  • Export data
  • Load AT123D as a groundwater concentration or as a mass
  • Establish initial concentrations for each SESOIL sub-layer
  • Run AT123D to 1,000 years even when linked to SESOIL

Multiple Sources

  • Soil (SESOIL)
  • Groundwater (AT123D)
  • Evaluate the influence of multiple source areas
  • Determine the degree to which multiple responsible parties contributed to impacts
  • Evaluate remedial alternative options
  • Simplified sensitivity analysis

Points of compliance (observation well)

  • Monitoring Wells
  • Piezometers
  • Piezometers
  • Set saturated thickness of each POC
  • Starting depth
  • Ending depth
  • Average results over the saturated depth intervals

Project files

  • Input files
  • Output files
  • Base map
  • Transfer from computer to computer
  • Simplified installation

SESOIL Reports

  • Climatic Report
  • Profile and Load Report
  • Hydrologic Report
  • Pollutant Cycle Report
  • 6,674 location climatic database
  • 1,575 record chemical database (695 separate chemicals)

AT123D Reports

  • Point of Compliance Report
  • Animated Area Report
  • Animated Centerline Report
  • Enhanced links between the models
  • Updated user's guide

System Requirements

  • Either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or higher.

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