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ESdat is specialist environmental data management software designed for use by environmental consultants and site managers. It is used for: contaminated land and groundwater site investigation; monitoring regimes for mining, landfilling and civil engineering operations; industrial sites which require environmental monitoring; and aiding regulatory compliance.

ESdat is an efficient importing and data validation tool for a range of data sources and data collection systems which allows the user to store, access and interrogate these data via a central environmental database whilst cutting data management time by up to 50%.

ESdat dataflow diagram

The LSpecs extension for ESdat, in combination with a field-based tablet data collection system such as pLog, provides a complete electronic data trail which enables you to:
  • plan your sampling programme prior to fieldwork;
  • collect and record field data such as borehole logging information and field parameter sampling;
  • issue electronic lab sample details and requests (Chain of Custody or COC);
  • rapidly identify inconsistencies between lab requests and deliverables at the touch of a button; and
  • sign off on lab reports.
Electronic COC and sign off has the following advantages:
  • all data is stored electronically and backed-up;
  • no more waterlogged paper-based forms;
  • no typographic errors introduced during lab sample check in;
  • easy to calculate expected lab costs;
  • QA samples are tracked electronically and correctly identified; and
  • inconsistencies between lab requests and deliverables are flagged automatically.

Features Include:
  • Specific chemistry labels showing compounds across or down, versus depth or date;
  • Exceedances of specific guidelines highlighted;
  • Colour points by values (or max/min/average for time series or depth data);
  • Moveable labels; and
  • Quick generation of common labels, as well as normal GIS label options.

ESdat is able to perform these tasks without having to use external GIS applications. In addition ESdat can export to ArcGIS, MapInfo and Surfer if required.

ESdat links fluidly with your existing geo-environmental software suite like no other environmental data management software.

  • gINT and WinLog - ESdat can export data to either of these bore logging packages, meaning all your data is centrally stored.
  • ArcView, MapInfo, Surfer and Google Earth - ESdat has an internal mapping functionality, and can also export to these packages.
  • EVS (Environmental Visualisation System) - a 3D visualisation and modelling package.
  • ProUCL - provides many calculations useful for contaminated sites, including 95th percentile calculations using a variety of data distributions (i.e. normal, log-normal, non-parametric).
  • Excel - can receive a direct data dump, or graphs or formatted tables can be exported.

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