- Environmental Database Web Interface

The ESdat Server Web Interface extends the most popular functionality that is available on ESdat Desktop, the reporting of Laboratory Report data, and makes it available through a browser, as well as offering new functionality that is suited to a web-based environment. ESdat is a powerful analysis and reporting tool; used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of environmental data. It can be customized and is suitable for use by a scientific or engineering user base.

 Access all your ESdat data through a browser and over the web

  • Comprehensive and customisable reports for your data, direct to PDF
  • Flexible Tabulation, Graphing, Mapping and Export Tools.
  • Dedicated Field and Locations Portal for use in the field.
  • Simple to use
  • Allow laboratories to upload data with no user intervention

ESdat Server Web Interface for Environmental Data management

Key areas of Functionality within the ESdat Server Web Interface are:

The ESdat Web Interface offers interactive functionality that is in many cases superior to ESdat Desktop for the managing, analyzing and reporting of laboratory data.

Benefits if you already have ESdat Desktop

A key benefit is interactivity. You can make a change to the table configuration and immediately see the change reflected in the browser, turn Environmental Standards on or off, view Detects Only, or alter a variety of other settings .

A key feature for those involved in validating or qualifying laboratory results, is that users can click on a result and enter validation qualifiers and comments directly on the Table.

If you have technical staff who need to review laboratory reports, but don't have ESdat skills, the web interface is simple enough that they can use it immediately with no training or familiarization.

ESdat has the ability to output data using a variety of standard reporting tools (SSRS, Telerik, Crystal Reports) meaning users can develop their own reports using their preferred reporting platform, and integrate those reports into ESdat.

These reports can be used for internal use, or can be published through the ESdat Client or Public Portal.

The ESdat Locations Portal is a new and innovative tool for managing and searching Locations. It is included for all ESdat users that have the ESdat Server Components.

ESdat now has the ability to show all your Locations, across multiple sites and co-ordinate systems, on a Tablet or a Phone. ESdat can also calculate how far away they are!

Click on each location to see associated details, photographs and documents. A great way to help find a sampling location if you're not sure where it is, exactly!

Search to see if a Location has already been defined in the system at a new Sampling Point. Merge two Locations into one if a new point was created accidentally.

Soon to come:

  1. A tab showing all previous field results for the location
  2. A tab for custom reports (ie baseline reports, well construction details)
  3. A link to view a complete Chem Table of all results and exceedances for that Location, presented in the ESdat Web Interface. (just like the Excel Chem Tables in ESdat Desktop, but better!)
  4. QR Code scanning. This will allow users to scan a QR code at the Sampling Point, view all the location details referred to above, and immediately start entering field results.

Further to the above, integration with the Public Portal is envisaged, whereby if your organization has some public communication requirement, a member of the public can scan the QR Code, and bring up some publicly accessible information about that Location, such as recent monitoring results, a swimming recommendation, or a notification of some upcoming event.

The ESdat Field Portal has the capacity for users to enter Field Results directly into a web form on a Tablet or a PC.

The ESdat Field Portal is included for all ESdat users that have the ESdat Server Components. It is optimally used in conjunction with LSPECS for managing field work, but can also be used independently.

  • The above form shows all results in a Monitoring Round, including photographs.
  • Field Results can be entered using the form below, which records all results related to a visit to a Location.

  • Results are immediately available through ESdat Desktop or other ESdat data interfaces.
  • For optimal usage of the Field Results, they should be used in conjunction with LSPECS, for configuring the data entry form and sample planning.

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