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- Version Air 2.0 - Single Chimney Emission Analyzer

A simple numerical tool for modeling and analyzing atmospheric dispersion, caused by single chimney (point-source) emission, on various Windows Platforms. The model of the software is based on the formulations of Gauss and Holland, taking into account different environmental conditions of source emissions. Air 2.0 supports three equations for estimating lateral and vertical dispersion coefficients. By using this analyzer, it is possible to determine various useful engineering parameters, such as permitted maximum pollutant load, which can be emitted from the chimney; pollutant concentration to a certain distance away from the emitting point; minimal inner diameter and lowest height of the chimney. With the help of this tool, the user also can determine the size of a sanitary protection strip, related to air pollution. Relative journal paper: ‘Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling on Windows Platforms’, Asian Journal of Information Technology 3 (9): 805-813, 2004.

Regional air quality analysis/evaluation for the effects of single chimney emission; various environmental engineering parameter determinations; also teaching courses relative to environment, air quality analysis and pollutant transport.

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