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More than 200 laboratories use EuSoft.Lab LIMS system to effectively manage their business processes. When you’re using EuSoft.Lab, you can bring together all your laboratory informatics and processes and be safe in the knowledge you’re compliant with the relevant regulations. From controlling your workflow to managing your equipment and reagents, EuSoft.Lab LIMS system is a comprehensive laboratory data management tool which improves the efficiency of your business and supports its growth.


The most innovative, entirely web-based software for managing the business processes of your laboratory


No large upfront fee, no IT infrastructure needed, just get up and running immediately through your internet connection and web browser.


Full compliance with relevant quality standards including ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and 21 CFR part 11 FDA.


Access the quality and efficiency of a team of experts entirely dedicated to LIMS, ready to support customers at every stage.

LIMS in Saas

The technology available today offers businesses a great opportunity for innovation and transformation. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a technological trend which simplifies process management and can help to increase your productivity and ROI. For a laboratory organisation, choosing a SaaS version of a LIMS product can reduce the complexity and costs of managing your data, while helping everything to run more smoothly.

If you choose EuSoft.Lab, your laboratory can access our LIMS product directly through the internet in the SaaS mode. You’ll pay a monthly fee to access the lab information management software which will be based on how many people will use it. This means there’s no upfront cost for the licence or costs for buying and maintaining any hardware and there’s no need to worry about any back ups or system updates – that’s all taken care of. This leaves you free to concentrate on what matters – running your business and improving productivity.

If you want a simple but scalable laboratory information management system that you’ll be able to start using quickly without a large initial investment, the SaaS version of EuSoft.Lab is the ideal solution for you.

Why use a SaaS LIMS solution?
Simple, fast and scalable

The SaaS EuSoft.Lab is a scalable and flexible LIMS product. It’s designed for laboratories who need a simple LIMS system which is easy to implement and can evolve with your changing needs. It’s activated with the click of a button and you can use it through your internet connection with no need for a LIMS server, software or any tools you would need to install LIMS in house. As your laboratory grows, you can add or reduce users, features and storage space or change to an in-house solution at any time, without affecting the settings you’ve set up.

Start costs down, ROI up
There’s no obligation to invest in buying your LIMS product or maintaining its technical infrastructure. We will provide all the hardware and software you need to run the LIMS programme. The cost reduction, combined with a speedy deployment and activation time, allows for a quicker return on investment (ROI) than an in-house system.

Latest version guaranteed
Using EuSoft.Lab as SaaS means you know you’re always using the most up-to-date version of our LIMS lab software. Whenever new features are released, all our customers’ versions are automatically updated at no additional cost – it’s included in the service fee. There’s no need for you to spend time downloading updates or installing anything.

Affordable, manageable costs
If you choose EuSoft.Lab LIMS system, all you pay is a monthly fee based on the numbers of users you have. The fee includes support and maintenance so there won’t be any nasty surprises when it comes to hidden or unexpected costs. Even smaller laboratories, who may not have IT support or the ability to develop their own LIMS system, can afford to access one of the most technologically-advanced and functionally-evolved LIMS products on the market. It’s also perfect for larger organisations looking to reduce the cost of their lab information management system, innovate their IT strategies or cost-effectively support geographically-dispersed locations or new acquisitions.

Secure and compliant
We know how important your LIMS data is to you and how critical it is to provide a secure, uninterrupted service. To support this, we use the cloud computing infrastructure of Microsoft Windows Azure. Microsoft has the most comprehensive approach to meeting European security and data protection laws. We offer customers Windows Azure platform services through a network of global data centres which are designed to comply with industry standards ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and run 24 hours per day, seven days per week without any interruptions to service. If you subscribe to our SaaS LIMS product, we’ll sign a strict service level agreement (SLA) contracting us to ensure functionality, availability of resources and maximum time of application availability.

Key benefits

  • No upfront licence cost
  • No hardware to install and manage
  • Easy scalability
  • Service immediately activated
  • Support included in monthly fee
  • System security
  • No need for IT staff to maintain and support the system
  • Updates to latest version at no extra cost
  • Back up performed by your service provider


The system consists of a suite of integrated modules to each other and can be interfaced with both instruments and,  other business systems (MES, ERP, accounting systems evolved) getting important advantages in each compartment.


  • A single platform for managing all laboratory activities through a suite of integrated modules.
  • A Significant reduction in the results input time and operator errors, through LIMS integration with laboratory instruments.
  • Real-time availability of analytical data even from different locations (Multisite) by publishing them on the web and results through e-mail sending.
  • Advanced usability, thanks to an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Role-based access and local user (multilanguage and multilocalization) for better use.
  • Highly configurable LIMS, adaptable to both large and small laboratories (Configurable – Off – the – shelf – COTS) by being able to draw the GUI, customize the workflow processes and events, and the definition of rules status and configuration of the calculations.
  • Short startup time of the system through the provision of preloaded data and imported data.
  • Maintenance of configurations and customized upgrades and future versions of the system.


  • The Product is based on modern technologies: Microsoft.Net Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, data exchange using XML technology WebServices.
  • High reliability and security of stored data: the system architecture EuSoft.Lab is based on a relational database. This allows the management of a considerable amount of data and provides the highest in reliability and performance. The technology used allows the exchange of data with maximum flexibility.
  • High quality product with well-defined processes and controlled via software factory: all stakeholders are connected to share common goals and reduce time to market.
  • Web based, designed for the Cloud
  • Integrated with other systems (eg accounting accounting) and ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning (eg SAP).
  • Supports the audit, the customization of workflow, offers to the users the possibility of design web pages and print reports.
  • Support Multitenant and Multilanguage scenarios, with different database platforms (SQL Server and Oracle).


  • Guarantee of regulatory compliance including UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and CFR 21 – PART 11 of the FDA.
  • Auditing of the data and logging of all transactions for a complete traceability of information.
  • Better control of all business processes through the integration of LIMS with third-party software (ERP, MES, accounting systems).
  • Protocol management of quality assurance on (your)analytical data (QA / QC), in compliance with the standard US – EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Decision support through statistics and advanced searches, data transfer systems IMS (Information Management System) and Business Intelligence.

Achieving System Harmonization through Effective Integration Data integration is imperative to achieve a robust, interoperable informatics architecture within your organization. Not only do your various ELN, LIMS, ERP, and other systems have to interact with each other, but you must coordinate the business element as well. A true cross-functional informatics structure with an emphasis on data visibility and end-user compatibility is the goal. The challenge is that internal informatics teams are small and as the science advances, there is more and more data to account for and integrate.

EuSoft.Lab is a LIMS system that can handle all the steps associated with the data generated by laboratories, from acquisition to processing to archiving. It is designed to automate all your key data processes – accepting samples, adding and validating results and generating reports – making it simple to access and interpret your stored data. The flexibility of our LIMS product means you can computerise the management of your data activities according to your specific workflow.

Step by step…

 Sample registration

  • Register single or multiple samples
  • Generate a label with bar code or QR code

 Assign and plan workload

  • Assign test to department or analyst
  • Plan and distribute workload by department or analyst
  • Check workload for test or implementation

 Result entry

  • Print worksheets
  • Manual entry of analytical results
  • Alert for analytical results out of specified range or limits
  • Manage individual analytical measurements and calculation of results using validated formula
  • Acquire instrumental and analytical results from spreadsheets
  • Uncertainty calculation using validated formulas

 Review and validation of results

  • Monitor analytical trends
  • Check analytical trends
  • Association of notes and conclusions
  • Review results
  • Validate samples
  • Add digital signature

 Document management support

  • Scan documents generated by instrumentation (SDMS)
  • Manage quality system documents
  • Manage document reviews and distribution lists

 Result production

  • Print test reports
  • Order sheets, labels, tools and invoices

 Data extraction KPI

  • Extrapolate data using customisable criteria
  • Generate analytical trends
  • Process control charts
  • Process data format EDD (Electronic Data Deliverables)

The modules suite included in EuSoft.Lab allows each laboratory to only use the features of the LIMS system that are relevant to the activities they run. This means the laboratory can automate all the specific organisational workflows by using best practice to improve the performance of their business.

EuSoft.Lab includes the following modules:


Creates and issues invoices related to testing activities with the option of transferring data to your accounting software.


Creates and issues quotations for both analytical and non-analytical activities. The LIMS system can manage all the steps of quoting and keeps track of customers’ contractual terms until billing takes place. This can also be integrated with your external accounting software.


Configure your plans for analytical activities, link each activity planned with an analytical profile and set the frequency of all analytical plans.


Monitor the workload for each user and/or instrument. This gives your laboratory manager all the information they need to improve the performance of the laboratory.


Stay on top of the quality management of your laboratory by noting compliance, corrective and preventative actions.


Have complete control over the characteristics of the sampling points (such as location, height, inner/outer diameter etc) to make sure samples are collected from the right location using the approved methodology.


Take data directly from the equipment or import it from a results shee.


Manage preventive or corrective activities on your laboratory equipment and accessories then report any anomalies.


Manage the products in your warehouse. Specify the products (such as reagents, glassware, standard preparations etc) to be used for each test so an order can be directly placed with the supplier and the stock can be managed.


Generate a test report in a .PDF or .P7M format and sign it digitally.


Configure hazard statements and the test suite for the characterisation and classification of waste, also including automatic linking of tests with the specific hazard.


Link your LIMS system to your Document Management System (DMS) to help you integrate and manage your documents.


Quickly and simply share the results of your analysis by email, fax or SMS with colleagues or customers.


Allows external access to your LIMS system to view results and samples and download test reports and invoices. Additional features allow trained users to enter sample details and request tests and analysis.


Manage the control samples, control cards and control limits to carry out proficiency tests.


Apply advanced search algorithms and predictive analytics to extract information, saving you time.

EuSoft.Lab LIMS software has a very simple-to-use user interface (UI). This can be customised by the user without needing to buy a licence as it’s built into the system. The configurability of the system means the LIMS system is equally suitable for small and large laboratories.

To manage customisations, we have created EuSoft.Studio, a visual design module. This means that you can customise your existing records in EuSoft.Lab, as well as constructing new records.

EuSoft.Studio was designed and built on the Microsoft.Net platform and can be interfaced with any database management system (DBMS) – even an external one.

EuSoft.Studio allows the user to:

  1. Customize RECORDS
    1. Customise existing records in EuSoft.Lab and group them into categories that allow the definition of general characteristics.
    2. Create new list of entities that can be used in EuSoft.Lab so they can be divided into similar types and assigned general characteristics.
    3. Create a repository definition of fields with name and type.
  1. Create NEW MODELS
    1. A model corresponds to a generic form for every registry. In practice, a model represents a virtual registry in which the fields are defined. Every model can be linked to one or more registry.
    2. Management of a repository of fields to which graphic objects (such as text boxes, menus, dates etc) are associated with the relative coordinates (position x and y in the graphic form). Rules can be applied for every graphic object (such as maximum number of characters, whether it’s mandatory etc)

This means the customer can print reports, insert new tests and new methods independently of the supplier. More experienced customers will be able to shape the registration and the data acquisition form from the tools.

On the home page, you can choose which widgets you want. The widgets can show you laboratory information including approved samples, workload, a calendar of planned events and more in graphic form.

EuSoft.Lab has been developed using a three-layer system. Its architecture divides the LIMS system into three modules – one for the user interface, one for the functional (or business) logic and one for data management.

The way EuSoft.Lab is built means the different modules are distributed on different nodes of the network.

The system works with native connectivity on the two relational databases (RDBMS) MS SQL Server and Oracle. An RDBMS can be made up of a complex set of software programmes that control the organisation, storage and retrieval of data in a database. The RDBMS also controls the security and integrity of the database.

The data security systems prevent any unauthorised users viewing or updating the database. The use of passwords means verified users can access the entire database – or just part of it.

The RDBMS can also stop multiple users from editing the same record at the same time and prevent duplicate records.

The query language database means users can use report generators to query the database and analyse the data in an interactive way.

These features don’t allow you to track revisions or provide the tools needed to manage an organisation with multiple users. If you need these controls, however, they can be made available as EuSoft.Lab is purpose built to manage and co-ordinate each function entry or modification of data.

When using an RDBMS, information systems can be adapted very easily according to the requirements of an organisation. New categories of data can be added to the database without disrupting the existing system.

The main advantages of connecting EuSoft.Lab to an RDBMS are:

  • Scalability – high number of transactions per minute, supporting a large number of simultaneous connections and managing a large database.
  • Security – new security technologies minimise the chance of an attack.
  • Reliability – technologies enable redundant data without using certified hardware, keeping the amount of downtime to a minimum

When you’re considering how you’d like to access our EuSoft.Lab LIMS product, there are two options for how we can deploy it for you:

On-premise We install the system in-house on your server or a server farm

In SaaS A cloud LIMS on a cloud platform

Cloud LIMS or On-Premises: Which should you choose?

If you have an IT department that can handle updates and data security or you need to customise applications to integrate with other business systems, it may work best for you to choose the on-premises solution.

If you don’t have an IT specialist in your business, you want to cut the initial cost and the time it takes to get up and running and you might need a high level of scalability, SaaS is probably the best option for you. If you choose SaaS, you pay for the services at a fixed price, based on the number of users, and we will deal with all the upgrades, maintenance and service. You just pay for what you need, you can add or delete users at any time, your LIMS software will update automatically and it’s simple to scale it up or down. We recommend SaaS for anyone looking to start using lab information management software straight away, without a long implementation or customisation period.

The Cloud LIMS option gives you the opportunity to choose between a shared or dedicated option. A shared option means more customers are mapped on the same media, keeping the cost of LIMS very competitive. If you choose a dedicated version, you will have ‘owned’ resources and other personalised options which makes the cost higher.

According to multinational world leader in strategic IT consulting, research and analysis, Gartner, the Cloud will become the prevalent approach when it comes to IT sourcing, moving forwards. The increase in users will be accompanied by standardising infrastructure, applications and business processes, along with the development of a more effective eco system of service providers.

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