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ExESS exchanges EH&S data from Excel, Access or other software with one centralized IT solution and provides a flexible database for any Quality, Safety or Environmental Management System. Inventory Management collects the objects according to your requirements, and is a flexible IT toolbox to support all aspects of Chemicals Management. ExESS is compatible with many Microsoft applications and can easily be integrated or configured with your existing ERP system.

  • Inventory Management of Substances, Mixtures and Articles
    Manage the ever-changing global inventories and lists of CAS numbers. ExESS can create Regulatory Reports to indicate the identification of listed substances in multi-constituents, mixtures and articles. This is called Substance Inventory Management.
  • Chemicals Related Inventory Management
    Manage a variety of tables and lists, essential for Chemical Stock management and overall inventory management.
  • Installations
    Track the existence and location of tanks, gas bottles, lab equipment, ventilation systems, instruments and more.
  • People
    List personnel based on organization, location, responsibilities, the chemicals each person oversees.
  • Task Management
    Tracks expiration dates, schedules and assigns maintenance, inspections, calibration, organize corrective actions, order triggers for minimum stock, etc.
  • Chemical Products
    Inventorizes all substances and mixtures, volumes and characteristics of those products, as well as where they are located in your company.
  • Personal protection
    Keeps track of PPE and where it is located.
  • Locations, buildings, labs, rooms and departments
    Maps the organization and location in a tree structure and create associations between locations and products, personnel, and equipment.
  • Digital Document links
    Stores external documentation in a centralized location (e.g. information on chemicals, study reports, IUCLID5 dossiers, etc.)
  • Activities and Processes
    Manages relation between chemical and process (ISO 14001, OHSAS, Responsible care, etc.)

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