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Critical Manufacturing, Inc.

- Real-Time Enterprise-Wide Visualization and Monitoring


Real-time enterprise-wide visualization and monitoring is crucial for high tech industries. fabLIVE is a real-time virtual window to the production line with interactive performance monitoring. Although the benefits of MES to productivity and yield are well-documented, some manufacturers face financial or human resource constraints to implementing a complete solution.

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For those manufacturers, fabLIVE is a high value tool that provides:

  • Need monitoring capability or a subset of MES functionality
  • A gateway or phased approach to implementing full MES
  • Supplemental capabilities to a legacy MES that lacks graphic visualizations and line-at-a-glance capability

fabLIVE is based on scalable hardware infrastructure with fault-tolerance and network load balancing mechanisms that have been tested for very high volume critical systems. fabLIVE works in stand-alone mode, integrated with an existing MES or in combination with Critical Manufacturing MES.

Users can increase the value of fabLIVE further with specialized attributes, including:

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