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- 2D/3D Flow and Transport Model


A Finite-Element software for simulating variably-saturated flow, contaminant and heat transport, and saltwater intrusion.

FEFLOW is an advanced 3D Finite-Element modeling solution offering sophisticated analysis tools and robust numerical algorithms. FEFLOW is designed with an easy-to-use graphical interface that gives you all of the tools necessary to simulate:

  • Steady-State or Transient Flow
  • Variably-Saturated Systems
  • Density-Dependent Flow
  • Heat and Mass Transport
  • Fracture Flow
  • Multiple Water Tables

Why FEFLOW? The environmental industry has seen an ever-increasing demand  for simulating groundwater flow and contaminant transport with numerical models.  Many models such as the USGS's MODFLOW and MODPATH, and the popular contaminant transport program MT3D, have become almost worldwide standards.  However, when faced with projects involving complicated geology, complex topography, fractures, unsaturated flow, density-dependent flow, or thermal convection, these models have been proven to be unsuitable. Until FEFLOW!

FEFLOW Key Features

Input Features

  • Advanced algorithms for generating and refining the Finite-Element mesh
  • State-of-the-art graphical tools for assigning model properties (flow & transport parameters) and boundary conditions
  • Solid GIS input features for ESRI shape files (geometry and attributes)
  • Import and link data from external sources via FEFLOW's GIS/DATA coupling exchange system
  • Processing of background maps in raster or vector formats
  • Coupling customized programs with FEFLOW via the new interface manager (IFM)
  • Real-Time data interpretation
  • 2D/3D visualization of input data
  • Standard point-and-click functionality with zoom features when building the model

Analysis Capabilities

  • Simulate 2D/3D flow and contaminant transport considering chemical reactions and degradation
  • Model unsaturated/variably-saturated flow conditions
  • Account for capillary hysteresis
  • Parameter estimation for unsaturated flow (e.g. water retention and conductivity curves)
  • Evaluates the effects of 1D/2D fractures or channel tubes
  • Incorporate variable fluid density as a function of temperature or salt concentrations
  • Simultaneously model heat and mass transport (thermohaline transport)
  • Parameter estimation for mass transport (e.g. sorption curves)
  • Solve large models (>1 million nodes)
  • Time dependent boundaries, constraints, and material data
  • Real time interpretation and plotting of transient heads and concentrations at multiple points
  • Compute mass and energy balances using the Budget Analyzer tool
  • Compute fluxes through cross-sections and single layers using the Budget Analyzer tool

Visualization Features

  • 3D visualization of the model domain (mesh, boundary conditions, and material properties)
  • 3D color iso-surfaces of scalar data
  • 3D particle tracking (with time markers) and velocity vectors
  • Bench cut-aways to display internal results (e.g. mass concentrations)
  • 3D cross-sections and fence diagrams
  • 2D pathline projections
  • Graphs from measurement data or analytical functions are now available for all output
  • Material parameters can now be rendered in 2D or exported to *.SHP file format
  • All external and internal are handled and stored in 64-bit format
  • True-colors support (256 colors not required)
  • Interactive 3D rotation and preset color settings
  • Save 3D vector graphics to ESRI Shape, FEFLOW PLX, or Autocad DXF
  • Customize reports using FEPLOT

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