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FlowAnalyst - Flowmeter Data Management


Unlock the power of your flowmeter investment. Your network of flowmeters and rain gauges is your finger on the pulse of your collection system. Maximize the value of this important investment with CSi's FlowAnalyst©. Turn your flow data into clear performance information, in an easy to use interface, for all of your key personnel.

The Power of FlowAnalyst©

FlowAnalyst© is CSi's web-based flow reporting system. This unique system, built by CSi from the ground up specifically for wastewater utilities, combines GIS mapping power with sophisticated analysis and graphing tools to let you see what is happening in your collection system. Click on a flowmeter to view real-time flow through the meter. Select a nearby rain gauge to add to the chart, to see instantly what effect rainfall has on flow in the pipe. Email the chart to key contacts to document rehab needs. With FlowAnalyst©, the power is at your fingertips.

Flowmeter Independent

CSi's FlowAnalyst© works seamlessly with flowmeters from all major manufacturers, and even works simultaneously with devices from multiple manufacturers. FlowAnalyst© frees you from the constraints of any single manufacturer's proprietary software or flowmeters.

Charting and Reporting

FlowAnalyst© allows you to manage flow data from both long-term and temporary flow studies in a single application. Reports can be scheduled for automated generation and email delivery to key staff. FlowAnalyst© 's internal document management features allow you to store and manage important files such as flow studies, photos, manuals, maintenance logs, and site sheets.

Integrated GIS

CSi FlowAnalyst©'s integrated GIS provides direct integration with enterprise systems such as ESRI© ArcGIS products. GIS integration allows you to easily add and configure layers for point/line style, color, and size. Layers can be activated based on user selections and viewing scale. FlowAnalyst© allows you to add map layers such as overflow locations and hydraulic model output, giving you a single source for monitoring collection system operations and performance.

Event Notification

FlowAnalyst©'s notification features let you notify personnel of system anomalies via email or SMS text messaging. Limit or range alarms can be set for each meter separately. Users are also alerted to alarms through flashing meter icons in the integrated GIS.

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