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- Version Pro - Large Enterprise Flow Data Solutions Software



Flowlink Pro is a server/client package for municipalities and service providers who manage multi-site wastewater flow monitoring networks. In addition to providing the advanced analytical and site management tools of Isco's Flowlink 5 Software, Flowlink Pro meets large-enterprise needs for information delivery, database connectivity, and web-based data access.


Data push
Instruments deployed at each monitoring site can push packet-switched data to the server at any time via 1xRTT protocol. Data transmission speeds of up to 144 Kbps dramatically reduce communication costs compared to site-by-site dial-up interrogation.

Database connectivity
Flowlink Pro offers straightforward, seamless data exchange with centralized Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. Database size is limited only by the server storage capacity and concurrent access by multiple users is supported.

Web access
Flow data are available via the web for flexible multi-user access. Web access can be configured on either a local or third-party hosted server to meet user requirements.

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