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Flowroute is a flood modelling suite developed by Ambiental in collaboration with scientists at Cambridge University. Flowroute is composed of a number of components that enable modelling of flood risk from:

  • Rivers
  • Tidal (i.e. Storm-surge)
  • Surface Water
  • Tsunami
  • River/ Tidal Defence Breach
  • Dam Breach

FlowrouteTM is a novel, innovative approach to flood risk modelling and mapping that is used to predict depth, duration, velocity and extent of flooding. Using a 2-dimentional (2-d) approach to flood modelling that is designed to make best use of high-resolution LiDAR topographic data to route flows around individual buildings, FlowrouteTM models all sources of flood risk more quickly, accurately and cost effectively than is currently possible elsewhere.

Using proprietary flood simulation and visualisation techniques including FlowrouteTM, Ambiental help communicate flood risks to clients in a variety of sectors including insurance/ reinsurance, utilities, government and property developers.

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