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Insurers that invest in flood risk assessment technologies have saved tens of millions of pounds by careful risk selection. Ambiental's surface water flood maps, reports, loss estimations and visualisations are available now for major towns and cities across the UK. Unlike other sources of flooding, surface water flooding has the potential to affect every urban centre in the UK. Furthermore, climate models have indicated a likely increase in the frequency of heavy precipitation as a result of climate change. Building upon the success of our insurance-focused flood risk mapping and loss estimation platform - FlowrouteTM - Ambiental has developed leading-edge technology for surface water risk mapping and modelling.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Reduced risk of catastrophic intra-urban flood losses.
  • Increased revenues via more targeted underwriting/risk rating.
  • Reduced overheads via the streamlining/focusing of marketing spend.

With FlowrouteTM you can:

  • Predict flood extents and depth
  • Protect critical assets at risk
  • Prevent losses from surface water flooding
  • Improve insurance risk rating and loss estimation

Ambiental's team of risk managers and hydrological modellers provides expert advice and data to reduce your exposure to flood risk.

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