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FlowScan allows an FKT series meter (FKT 3DP1A , FKT 2DP1A-C, and FKT 1DP1A-SV) to display air pressure measurements, air velocity measurements and other flow conditions in a connected computer.

  • Easy to use: Wizard style interface steps through the setup and operational procedures.
  • Remote monitoring: Thanks to the serial interface, the FKT instrument can be placed at hundreds of feet from the computer.
  • Extendable: The available FlowLink library allows a user to create a custom program to access the FKT instrument using popular programming languages.
  • Excel connectivity: FlowScan can send data directly to a worksheet as the data is recorded from the meter.
  • Reads & Calculates:
    • All available differential pressures
    • Absolute pressure
    • Temperature
    • Stagnation temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Gas density
    • Gas velocity (even if compressible!)
    • Volumetric flow rate
    • Mass flow rate
  • Flow Surveys with Pitot tube: FlowScan easily calculates volumetric and mass flow rate for rectangular or circular ducts. FlowScan will indicate where to put the probe for each survey point. The program will step through the survey at the user’s pace.
  • Data logging: Save the data at user-defined intervals with automatic periodic backup.
  • Extensive set of metric and imperial units.

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