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We issue a series of weather reports each business day starting at 5AM CT, with updates again at midday. We also issue several of our reports on Sunday morning as well. These reports are available both on the website and by email distribution. You can view samples of our reports by clicking on the image links above.

Weather Reports

We issue daily weather reports, Sunday through Friday (tropical reports as needed on Saturdays), starting around 5AM CT each day.

The first report issued each morning, when no tropical activity is ongoing, is the Morning Forecast Preview which highlights overnight model changes from the previous day.

During the hurricane season, our first Tropical Update of the day is usually issued around 4:45AM CT, and highlights expected tropical development and forecast tracks for existing and developing storms.

Next up is our City Forecasts Report which shows observed weather for the last seven days and forecast weather for the next 15 days for various cities across the country. This report is issued around 6:05AM CT, and data files with historical and forecast information for hundreds of US and Canadian cities are also available for download at the same time.

The Morning Weather Summary report is issued each weekday morning around 6:45AM CT and highlights the 2-5, 6-10, and 11-15 day temperature anomaly and precipitation forecasts. Included in each report is a discussion of current and forecast weather trends along with additional informative forecast graphics and data. Forecast graphics for various international regions are also included.

The U.S. Degree Day Summary report is issued around 7:30AM CT, and highlights a variety of heating and cooling degree day data for the U.S. including weekly degree day totals for the U.S. on an aggregate and regional basis. Also included are numerous charts and graphics highlighting degree day trends and forecasts.

Late in the morning, we issue the Quick Midday Update once the 12Z GFS model run becomes available. This report highlights any changes with the new GFS run.

Another update to our City Forecasts Report is then issued. Since our forecasts utilize multiple models, and generally weight the ECMWF and ECMWF ensembles more heavily, we don't usually have large changes in our midday forecast update after the new GFS run is released. However, if the GFS and ECMWF have been at odds, and the new GFS run moves into better agreement with the ECMWF, we may make larger forecast changes as a result of better model agreement. Additionally, a number of short-range forecast changes over the next few days may be made based on short-term trends in the GFS, NAM and other models.

We also issue a full Midday Update report in the early afternoon that summarizes the midday forecast changes made. this report may also highlight any new developments with the 12Z ECMWF operational model.

Another issuance of the The U.S. Degree Day Summary wraps up the midday reports. Additional tropical reports may be issued throughout the day during hurricane season when the tropics are active.

Twice each month, around 6PM on Wednesday evenings, we issue a full Seasonal Forecast Report that looks ahead at the forecast for the next several months. Forecast graphics and data are also available on the website. The first part of the seasonal forecast data is updated every business day with the latest observed data and 15 day forecast. So, the forecast for the next month will update each day after mid-month as the 15 day forecast begins to be added into the existing forecast for the upcoming month.

Wind Generation Forecasts

We produce wind generation forecasts for nearly every major wind farm in the US and Canada, covering more than 83,000 MW of installed capacity. Wind generation forecasts are available out to seven days, and are updated hourly. Frontier Weather utilizes an ensemble of many computer models to maximize forecast accuracy, including data from the NAM, DGEX, HRRR, RAP, SREF, GFS, CMC and more. Forecast data is available for individual wind farms and aggregated by power region in both graphical and csv data file format.

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Model Graphics & Data

We produce thousands of model graphics and data files each day for the US and international regions,including from the ECMWF operational and ensemble models. Maps and data file output is available for temperature, precipitation, snowfall and other data types. Many of our temperature anomaly maps update in real-time as model data becomes available and we send real-time email updates for the 12Z GFS and ECMWF models.

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HDD & CDD Data

Historical and forecast US and regional degree day data is available in a variety of formats. We produce hundreds of data files each day, including population, natural gas heating, and oil heating weighted degree day data. Files are available with various periods of record, and also with various weighting schemes. We have some data sets where weights are fixed to 2010 values, and others where weights vary by year based on population and consumption trends. All degree day data files are updated twice per day on business days, as well as on Sunday mornings.

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Hourly & Daily Data

We produce historical and forecast hourly and daily weather data files for hundreds of US and Canadian cities. Hourly forecasts extend out 7 days and are updated hourly, while our daily forecasts extend out 15 days and have two full updates each day. Historical hourly data is available back to 1998, and historical daily data extends as far back as 1948. You can see our period of records listed for some locations here: Weather Data Store

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Forecast Accuracy

Our 15 day forecasts have historically matched or outperformed most weather vendors during the last two years. During 2015, 98% of our daily forecasts in the 1-5 day period were within 5°F, as were 79% in the 6-10 day period and 62% in the 11-15 day period.

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