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At the heart of the Orangegate system is our software. It has been designed from the ground up to help the site manager work as effectively as possible. From its original batch management interface to its simple and clear graphs and charts everything has been designed to be clear, informative and easy to use.

Process management

The first thing the site manager sees on our software is a site dashboard. This allows the site manager to see at a glance the state of all of the batches on the site. Batches are colour coded using a traffic light system to indicate how far through the current stage they are.

A novel drag and drop system allows batches to be easily moved from one bay to the next when the current stage is complete. Every time something is changed, our software keeps track of it - so no more worrying about keeping that whiteboard of batch numbers up to date!

Site automation

As sites get more complicated, it becomes more important to make sure that everything happens when it should. Orangegate's software allows you to automate parts of your process. From stopping aeration fans to allow manifolds to drain to controlling fresh air valves to regulate bio-filter temperature, the Orangegate system can be configured to make your site more reliable.

Data analysis

The Orangegate software collects a vast amount of data. As well as data from temperature, pressure, and oxygen sensors the software can also give you stats about your process. Being able to compare batch turnaround times between sites can give you insights into how to share best practice across your sites. Monitoring bio-filter retention times or carbon loss can help in providing evidence to the regulator that your process is well run.

Remote access

Especially during busy times, it is critical to be able to monitor your process at all times. With Orangegate's remote access functionality you can access the software as if you were sitting in front of the on-site computer from anywhere in the world. Change fan speeds or check up on that all important difficult batch that you hope to get above temperature over the weekend. You can even use it to download site data from the office without going to site.

Backup and configuration management

We understand that site managers are not IT professionals. We therefore offer our software on a 'service' basis. For a monthly fee we make sure that the software is up to date, configured to your needs and most importantly backed up. We will also give you all updates and upgrades as part of the deal! If the computer becomes unusable for example after a power surge or it is stolen, we can send you a freshly configured machine complete with recent data to you within 24 hours of the event having occurred. No need to contact the IT department or fiddle around with installation disks and software settings.

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