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Every day over 2,500 leading businesses rely on GaBi Software to drive their product sustainability. GaBi is the most trusted product sustainability solution for Life Cycle Assessment with over 10,000 users including Fortune 500 companies, leading industry associations and innovative SMEs.

GaBi provides the answers to your most pressing product sustainability questions:

R&D, Product Development & Design

How can we develop a sustainable product portfolio to build competitive advantage and increase revenues?

Sustainability/Environment Department

How can we build a product sustainability strategy and meet our targets?

Marketing & Communications

How can we differentiate our products with verifiable sustainability credentials to drive customer preference?


How can we use resources more efficiently and optimize processes throughout the value chain to reduce cost?

Supply Chain

How can we identify supply-chain hotspots including materials and processes of concern to mitigate risk?

GaBi is the next generation product sustainability solution with a powerful Life Cycle Assessment engine to support the following business applications:

Life Cycle Assessment

  • Design for Environment: developing products that meet environmental regulations
  • Eco-efficiency: reducing material, energy and resource use in the most cost-effective way
  • Eco-design: developing products with smaller environmental footprints such as fewer GHG emissions, reduced water consumption and waste
  • Efficient value chains: enhancing efficiency of value chains e.g. R&D, design, production, suppliers, distribution

Life Cycle Costing

  • Cost reduction: designing and optimizing products and processes for cost reduction

Life Cycle Reporting

  • Sustainable Product Marketing: product sustainability labels & claims, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Sustainability Reporting: environmental communication & product sustainability reporting  
  • LCA knowledge sharing: reporting and analysis for internal departments, management and supply chain

Life Cycle Working Environment

  • Responsible manufacturing: developing manufacturing process that address social responsibilities

GaBi has a standard set of features, so regardless of which database you choose, the full range of functionalities is at your disposal.

GaBi’s visualisation approach enables you to construct your products and system models in GaBi just as would sketch them on paper. An intuitive user interface, drag-and-drop feature, hierarchical database manager and advanced search function allow you to flexibly supplement your model sketch with your own data or with data from your database. And you’re ready to analyse your results!

The GaBi software will help you simplify your data collection and management!

For transferring your data into GaBi you can use the Data Exchange tools.

When you rely on secondary data from the GaBi database, Embedded database documentation in every GaBi dataset provides full meta-data and ensures you select the appropriate dataset for your model. All database documentation is in accordance with the International Life Cycle Database (ILCD) format.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) information and Life Cycle Working Environment (LCWE) information can be entered and all datasets include Data Quality Indicators.

GaBi is a flexible, modular software with a drag-and-drop feature so modeling is easy.

Use the GaBi Plan editor to create models based on the processes in your production chain. Create unit process to describe your company specific situation, and supplement them with data sets from the GaBi Databases. The smart graphical editor enables you to quickly assemble complex yet transparent models, where you can also make first evaluations.

Categorize your process chains with the grouping feature

GaBi's grouping feature allows you to quickly and easily categorise the visual display of your model and the results of your study according to different criteria. Use GaBi’s default grouping categories or customize your own.

Intelligent Search feature

Locate datasets easily in the database hierarchy or use the intuitive and intelligent Search engine to find the dataset you need. Your own company-specific processes can also be integrated into this hierarchy.

Advanced modeling with Parameters

Using Parameters and the Parameter Explorer adds a new dimension to your modelling, your results analyses and even reporting. Use parameters to define variables and dependencies in your model. Modifying these variables opens up a range of advanced modelling functionalities to you, such as scenario management. This very user-friendly feature enables you to answer “what-if” questions immediately, for example, for benchmarking, product development or process optimization.

Parameters are also the basis for creating interactive reports (i-reports).

Manage your database and models

Manage your GaBi database and models with User Rights and Projects. Include documentation and notes within your model using the Sticky Notes.

Complex data issues like allocation can of course be conducted easily in GaBi.

Results and Interpretation

You’ve collected data and created your model, now it’s time to analyse your results!

GaBi provides the complete Life Cycle Inventory of your products (e.g., primary energy demand or CO2 emissions). All material and energy consumptions and emissions/wastes that occurred will be listed. Drill down to see the contributions from each of the processes across your product life cycle.

The same is true for your Life Cycle Impact Assessment results, such as Global Warming Potential (Carbon Footprint). Results can be calculated according to any of the numerous impact methodologies included in the GaBi Databases. See how individual emissions contribute to an environmental impact and from which process they arise.

Customise your results view

The GaBi dashboard enables you to evaluate all your results at a glance. Customise your own dashboards and see your most relevant results instantly and in your personalised format regardless of what product you’re currently modelling.

The more traditional tabular results view - the GaBi Balance - is also available with a wide range of analysis tools for results interpretation, graph function and export to Excel.

Interpret your results

Switch on Normalization and Weighting factors. You can even add your own weighting factors if desired.

The GaBi Analyst enables more advanced scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo analysis.

Get the complete picture

Life Cycle Costing (economic) and Life Cycle Working Environment (social) aspects can be assessed alongside the Life Cycle Impact Assessment (environmental) impacts to capture a more complete picture of the sustainability of your products.

Report your results

Standardise your reporting with customisable report templates in GaBi. Link parameters to your reports to make them interactive! The graphs and tables in your interactive reports (i-reports) will update as you try out different parameter values.

Go a step further and empower others in your organisation to evaluate which scenario will give your product the best environmental performance, using the GaBi Reader.

Most trusted solution

GaBi is the most used product sustainability solution by LCA practitioners in business. Over 10,000 users including over 35% of Fortune 500 companies, leading industry associations and SMEs rely on GaBi Software.

Always the best data

Only with GaBi Software you have the choice of databases: use GaBi Databases created by PE INTERNATIONAL, which always contain the most accurate industry data, or other commercial databases and regional content such as ecoinvent and U.S. LCI.

Data-on-demand is our service for specialized LCA content in your industry

Fast analysis and reporting

GaBi's visualization approach enables fast modelling, result analysis and reporting with the help of dashboards, embedded reporting and interactive scenario analysis.

Intuitive and interactive LCA tools for newcomers

GaBi offers intuitive, interactive design tools for LCA newcomers to analyze product or process alternatives.

Excellent support & services

thinkstep is well known for its excellent service. GaBi clients have a personal contact for technical, data and LCA modelling questions. Additionally, we have an extensive training programme for any level – no matter if you are a LCA newcomer or experts.

Our services include specialized GaBi Software customization and a broad offering of strategic product sustainability consulting.

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