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Geo-EnGarde - Automated Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring Software


Geo-EnGarde is a highly automated, tried and tested modular software application designed for structural monitoring, written for the civil engineering industry and in continuous development since 1999. The application monitors, analyses and presents data supplied by finely tuned geotechnical and structural movement instrumentation (piezometers, tiltmeters, inclinometers, robotic total stations etc) installed on a wide variety of structures.


The programme includes sophisticated analysis reporting with built in alarm modules - Alert - sending emails and SMS text messages when sensor data exceeds user defined criteria for threshold values (levels; green, blue, amber, red).

Geo-EnGarde is available as a stand alone and/or networked product and - soon - as an all online service using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. An online Web-Centre module can also replicate the stand alone product maps and interactive graphs to a password protected web-site.

The software is sold worldwide and has been used on a variety of projects including Terminal 5 at Heathrow, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Kings Cross - St Pancras, the New York Metro extension, Los Angeles Metro and many more.

Resellers Required:The software can be provided as a white label own-brand product. If you wish to become a reseller please contact Southern IT Ltd for further information.

Bespoke Application Development:Southern IT is happy to undertake bespoke application development projects for almost any kind of geotechnical application.

Data is stored in its raw (unprocessed) state within the Microsoft SQL database. The software then processes the information applying corrections and calibration factors to produce calculated data in a graphical format.

Cumulative calculations are permitted for use with beam or chained sensors and inclinometers.

The software has been under continuous development since its first use in 1999. Some foreign language versions are available. However translations for other languages can be made on request including languages using double byte character sets. Examples of such languages include Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

  • Highly automated to run unattended
  • Accepts most data logger formats
  • Handles Robotic Total Stations (theodolites) triangulation resections
  • Microsoft SQL database can handle huge volumes of data
  • No limit to sensors attached
  • Near real time processing of data
  • Data represented as images on plans or photographs
  • Highly configurable
  • SMS text and email alarms
  • Alert alarms on a per sensor basis
  • Groups of sensors can be chained to show profiles
  • Historical profiles can be 'replayed' to show trend development
  • Three co-ordinates per point (X,Y,Z) and all shown on plan
  • Spike suppression
  • Report Writer
  • Fixed scale graphs
  • Customisable graphing
  • Chart zoom facility (local and online)
  • Interactive graphing (local and online)
  • Show data in raw or calculated format
  • Multi-language capable (DBCS)
  • Some foreign language modules available (please ask)
  • Foreign translations made to order
  • Stand Alone client/server software
  • Networked for sharing data
  • Replicates Stand Alone system data to web based server (Geo Web-Centre)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Bespoke programming; modifications made on request

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