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Win_Downhole is an easy to use downhole seismic processing software. With it, you will be able to import various seismic file formats and work with triaxial geophones. Filtering capabilies, first break of P ans S waves, S-waves enhancement modules, Poisson ration, shear modulus are several of its main functions. Win_Downhole has been successfully tested and runs under every Microsoft Windows© version from 95 to Seven.

This software package represents the easiest and most immediate solution when you need to carry out the inversion of downhole seismics data in Windows®. It supports any type of survey geometry provided that the S and P waves will be recorded at the same depth in the borehole.

The picking of the first arrivals may be directly done on SEIMIC UNIX file, using the 'zoom' and 'scroll screen' functions. Conversion modules for files in SEG-2 , SEG Y, PASI, ES-1225, and other property file format are also available.

Win_Downhole may accept up to 30x3 traces; 3 shots with 3 geophones must be recordedzz at each depth inside the borehole (the ideal would be triaxial borehole geophones using two horizontal geophones and a vertical one).

Two energizations, obtained by the impact on the opposite ends of a special striking bar or plate, must be recorded to produce S waves, while the third energization will be obtained by beating on a striking plate to generate P waves. Simply modifying the parameters being set for the entry of data, you may realize all the other combinations for these operations.

  • Grid with trace information and original SU file display
  • Import SEG2, SEG-Y, PASI, data files
  • Filtering and gain field records
  • Use 3 component geophones
  • Interactive P-waves and S-Waves first break picking
  • Invert and stack horizontal traces to enhance S- Waves
  • Produce travel time graph
  • Produce interval velocity graph
  • Compute Poisson ratio, Shear modulus
  • Graphs are ready to paste into your application (WMF) or to print
  • Provided with USB key to be used on the field on your laptop.

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