Geolantis GmbH

Geolantis GmbH

- Cloud Based Mapping Modular Software


Geolantis modular software solutions delivering GIS & CAD & Asset Management to mobile field crews. Faster workflows and higher quality of data is achieved.

Connect Locator and Mapping software

Direct connection between line locator and GNSS mapping solution. Remote control the Geolantis.360 mapping software.


Being able to reliably locate the asset in the field and query the characteristics of an asset, ensures that the survey is carried out in the correct position and according to the scope of work.

Locate & Map

Measurements from the Locator are automatically transmitted to the Geolantis.360 software enabling the asset information to be integrated with the GPS position and GIS feature details.


Geolantis shares data to all devices and users within your organization or beyond! Visualize and analyze location result. Export to CSV, DXF, SHP, KML, XLS.


Fully integrated office & field solution

  • Access field data collection results from all devices
  • Review & Edit on various background maps
  • Filter by user, device, feature type, accuracy, region, etc.
  • Access photos, forms and notes
  • Export to various formats including DXF, SHP, CSV, KML
  • Share with your team, customers, principals

User friendly

Easily and fast to learn - no special knowledge necessary

Cloud backed

No installation - instand start. All data on all devices.


Encrypted communication and encrypted data storage


Adjustment of system (object catalogues, etc.) can be managed by user


Geolantis takes a way complexity - no GIS-, CAD- or surveying knowledge needed


A modern UI optimizes data collection. Automated object creation.


Automated workflows and optimized operation to automize common tasks.


Geolantis takes care of data quality.


Well defined workflows ensure fast reach of targets.

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