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GeoModeller is a software tool for 3D geological modelling. For building complex, steady state, 3D geology models – and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from solid 3D geology. Comprising a Geological Editor, Drill hole & grids/meshes management, Forward & inverse geophysics modules to manage and interpret your entire exploration, geothermal or engineering project.

Geological Editor

gm web
Implicitly models 3D surfaces constrained by primary geological data (contacts & orientation data together) and/or drill hole intercepts
Adheres to rule-based modelling of fault networks & relationships of the pile

Drill hole & grids/meshes management
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  • Fully supports drill holes & attributed data
  • Offers a range of interpolation methods including domain kriging (to mimic geology formation shape avoiding un-folding prior to kriging)
  • 3D grids/meshes calculator
  • 3D viewer and slicing tools

Forward & inverse geophysics modules
Using stochastic inversion techniques

  • 2D profile modelling of gravity and magnetics and synthetic seismographs
  • 3D forward modelling of gravity, magnetics (including remanence), full tensor gradiometry (FTG)
  • 3D forward computation of temperature, vertical heat flow & geothermal gradient
  • 3D litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion of gravity and magnetics (separately or jointly)

  • Driven by comprehensive GUIs & wizards
  • Modelling can commence from a GeoModeller model, or an imported lithology voxet
  • Handles variable rock properties through look-up tables (probablity distribution functions) or custom voxets
  • Browses to reference geophysical grids
  • Comprehensive post-inversion products including quantified uncertainty of geology-geometry & rock properties

The GeoModeller inversion method is non-deterministic. Inversion continues beyond a satisfactorily low misfit level (referencing observed geophysics at set precisions) – exploring & keeping a range of allowable models, and presenting distilled statistics of these, in terms of probabilities of geology-geometries and rock properties.

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