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- Version 2 - Quality Control - Concrete Software

The GEOSYSTEM Quality Control - Concrete (QC-Concrete version 2) program maintains strength and property testing data on cement products, including concrete cylinders and beams, and mortar and grout cubes. It delivers client submittal and in-house tracking reports and lets you print lists of all specimens to be broken on a given day. Reports comply with all applicable ASTM and AASHTO reporting requirements (e.g., ASTM C 31, C 39, C 42, C 78, C 109, C 140, C 293, C 780, C 942, C 1019, and C 1314, and AASHTO T 22, T 23, T 24, T 97, T 106, and T 177). NOTE: This software was previously know as Construction Quality Control for Cement Products or CQC-CP. Same software, new name.

Test Result Reporting:

  • Exceeds ASTM C 39 reporting requirements for cast cylinders, C 42 for cored and sawed specimens, C 78 and C 293 for beams, C 109 for mortar cubes, C 1019 for grout prisms, C 942 for grout cubes, C 780 for mortar cylinders, C 1314 for masonry block prisms, C 140 for masonry block, D 4832 for soil cement and C 1116 for shotcrete.
  • Report formats are specialized for each test type (see examples)
  • On-screen previews of reports
  • Built-in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file reporting capability for easy e-mailing of reports
  • Can print copies of reports for each name on the distribution list, with addresses for use with window envelopes
  • Can print mailing labels
  • US input, Metric output option

Test Summary Reports:

  • Generate reports listing all specimens meeting user specified criteria such as a range of dates, specific project or high slump
  • A variety of standard test summary report formats are included
  • Can be used for invoicing or project summaries

Data Entry:

  • Cylinders, center point beams, third point beams, cores, mortar cubes, grout cubes, prisms and cylinders, sawed beams, mortar cubes and cylinders, masonry block, and masonry block prisms each have their own data entry screens
  • Quickly find any specimen for entry of its break force
  • Customize input screen arrangement
  • The program can calculate area, strength, percent of required strength, and other specimen parameters
  • Jump to the report for any specimen instantly
  • Have failing tests show up in red on the screen
  • Automatic values for dimensions and fracture type
  • Pick from handy lists of frequently used expressions
  • Layout of the screen may be user customized
  • Program performs calculations for strength, percent of required, break date, etc.
  • New user features (like pop up warnings) can be turned off after becoming an expert
  • Import data files from Forney, TestMark, ELE, Admet, and AMTD.

Break Lists:

  • Generate reports listing specimens scheduled for break testing for a given date
  • Enter the breaks quickly in the same order used for the list of breaks


  • The database includes tables for Projects, Field Tests, Breaks, and Mixes
  • Pick from list of projects to relate previously entered project data to a report
  • Pick from list of mixes to relate previously entered mix data to a report
  • Uses the Microsoft Jet v 3.0 (Access) database engine.
  • Flag projects as inactive to make sifting through long lists more efficient
  • Archive projects completely out of the database to reduce database size

Configuration options:

  • More than 50 configuration options allow you set the program up to work the way you do
  • Set date formats to your liking
  • Choose automatic incrementing of report and specimen numbers
  • Select screen colors and fonts that are preferred
  • Choose how lists and reports are sorted


  • Use the supplied report formats, or have custom reports designed

Other capabilities:

  • Import breaks from files created by load frame data acquisition systems
    See HERE for more information.
  • Export tab delimited report files
    Entire report sets can be exported rather than printed for
    further analysis in spreadsheets
    Satisfies clients needing test result files in addition to printed reports
    click HERE for a sample export file

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