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OSHA mandates the labeling of chemical products with GHS safety information to highlight hazards and dangers. Chemical Safety’s online cloud-based GHS labeling software allows you to find, display, and print GHS compliant labels in a multitude of sizes and languages. Our GHS labeling software has built in tables with all of the GHS Hazards and GHS precautionary codes, as well as the signal words and pictograms associated with manufacturer specific chemicals. We also offer Android and iOS GHS mobile applications which provide wireless access from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Chemical Safety’s GHS labeling software is tightly integrated with EMS’s Chemical Inventory Tracking module so it allows for fast and easy printing of inventory container labels with GHS pictograms as well as barcodes. Since inventory items are linked to Safety Data Sheets, extra steps are not required to print GHS compliant labels. The need to store and maintain pre-printed GHS labels is eliminated because on-demand printing is quick and easy.

What Precipitated the Need for GHS Labeling Software?
GHS is an acronym for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, a framework that standardizes the classification and labeling of chemicals worldwide. Its goal is to establish criteria for the classification of health, physical and environmental hazards, and specify what information should be included on hazard labels as well as safety data sheets. For additional information on the GHS labels, visit our Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Cheat Sheet page.

  • Integrated with Chemical Inventory Module
  • Print GHS Labels Anywhere at Any Time
  • Eliminates Need for Pre-printed GHS Labels
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps
  • Print Directly from Inventory Records
  • Supports Multiple Sizes and Languages
  • Support for Avery Labels
  • Support for Barcodes

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