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GPS Nutrient Mapping Software


Intensive soil sampling for Phosphate, Potash, Magnesium & Lime can be a very cost effective management tool for your farm. We operate this service throughout the UK and have had some incredible results with growers saving an average of over 30% on P & K fertilisers and one grower reducing his annual spend by 83%.  Apart from the financial and environmental benefits, you can be confident that your fertiliser application is targeted and being spread exactly where the soil needs it.


The 4 year programme for nutrient management gives you the ability to plan ahead and budget for what your soil actually requires, NOT what it’s always been used to.

If you don’t have VRA equipment we can still help you to target your P & K with:

  • GPS & VRA Spreading contractors arranged
  • GPS Hardware & software supplied to get you started
  • Printed prescription maps for manually variable spreading

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