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A professional solution for a comprehensive Green Mark assessment. Provide a guided step-by-step route to assessing the performance elements of the Green Mark system. Ensure no action is missed and allow items to be easily picked up from any point. Simplify the assessment process by making decision-making easy at every step of the project, even at the conceptual level. Provide a tool for architects which offers precision with simplicity. Automate and eliminate the time-consuming, redundant steps in the process, for the project team as well as for assessors. Incorporate unique built-in Quality Control functionality. Enable live updates of simulation results and Green Mark scores at every level of a change, delivering a true iterative process for design improvements. Allow efficient integration of primary modelling tools like Revit and SketchUp. Facilitates whole design team collaboration.

The use of the GM Pro Navigator allows for:

  • ETTV/RTTV calculation, use solar tracking technique to help calculation shading effect from more complex geometry.
  • Automatic baseline model generation based on Singapore standard requirement
  • Automatic multi-language report generation for submission
  • Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) calculation and comparison between proposed and baseline building.
  • Point score card to keep track on the project progress

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