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Green Pocketbook


As the name suggests, the purpose of this tool is primarily as a “Quick Reference Guide” for researchers to refer to full chemical information of over 60 million compounds while they are doing their daily work. All the information needed is readily available within one screen; plus you can also see the toxicological implications and regulatory concerns about the chemical without extra efforts. In short Pocketbook enables you to do “green aware” research, while providing the convenience of having all the information in one place. For added convenience, Pocketbook also offers individual endpoint scores, combined ecological, health and safety scores as defined by “NSF/GCI/ANSI 355 standard”. You can compare up to 5 chemicals side-by-side through easy to understand visual graphs and color-coded table.

ViridisChem has collected physical properties data from many reputed sources, and is offering it in an easy to use compact Pocketbook.

For toxicological properties, we have used industry-standard tools like EPISuite, ToxTree, PBTProfiler, etc. Where possible, we have also collected experimental data (and will continue our efforts in collecting more of this data). As the time goes, we expect to have lot more experimental data and at that point will show both experimental and estimated data for your reference. Toxicological data is not available easily and you will need to refer to multiple sources, use multiple estimation tools, and have the expertise to understand the relationship between various toxicological properties in order to get the level of information that we provide. As such, our value-add in offering Green Pocketbook is tremendous.

Utilizing the physical and toxicological properties data, Green Pocketbook also evaluates the individual endpoint scores and rolls this information into higher ecological, health and safety scores. All this information is then provided in easy to understand color-coded tabular and graphical views, so the scientist can quickly compare and choose from different chemicals.

For Chemists

  • Information of all chemicals being used in one place
  • Get toxicological perspective on chemicals
  • Allows early dialog with toxicologist, faster development cycle
For Toxicologists
  • Quick reference tool that can shorten research path
  • Allows more focused study of short-listed chemicals
  • Allows closer collaboration with chemists, early involvement
For Educators/Students
  • Ideal tool to learn about toxicological implications
  • Fully understand the relationship between physical and toxicological properties
  • Information on all chemicals for quick reference

  • Full chemical profiles of 60+ million compounds
  • Hard-to-find toxicological data from over 100 sources
  • Industry accepted estimation tools used for endpoint data
  • Shows US, international regulatory concerns
  • Graphical views concisely show endpoint effects
  • Side-by-side comparison among compounds
  • Allows integration of company proprietary data
  • Green scores based on reputed guidelines
  • Data from over 100 trusted sources

  • Allows scientists to practice “green aware” research without extra efforts
  • Economical solution, affordable for any pocket
  • Available any-time, any-where, on most devices
  • Hard-to-find information within couple of clicks
  • No need to refer to multiple websites/tools to get this info.
  • Establishes early dialog among scientists
  • Enables collaborative work among all departments
  • Early “green aware” decisions minimize multiple method development efforts, avoid IND iterations)

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