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Greenhouse Gas Emissions in many reporting initiatives such as the CDP, DJSI and FTSE4Good make up less than 40% of the total questions. However, for some these can take up to 90% of the total time involved in compiling the report. It used to be much easier until increased pressure to report on Scope 3 emissions, dual Scope 2 reporting and independent verification became more necessary than ever to achieve the best scores possible.

That’s why the Accuvio Greenhouse Gas Emission functionality is focused on

  1. Accuracy
  2. Jurisdiction Specific Emissions Factors
  3. Speed
Emissions factors

With over 62,000 emissions factors in the continually expanding Accuvio global database, we have all the emissions factors you will ever need, including the new 2018 IEA emissions factors licensed for all our users. We look after the emissions factor updating regularly so you don’t have to.

Fool Proof…well almost

By sharing the workload with your colleagues around the world, the data collection task can be very efficient, with the added bonus of local engagement and driving change. The easier it is to use, and the less opportunity for data entry error, the better your results will be.

Global Unit Conversions

One of the most common failings of unspecialised systems or spreadsheets is the calculation errors that occur offline when converting one unit of measure to another. Accuvio’s universal converter accepts any unit as input and translates to the required unit of measure while maintaining the original input for audit.

Instant Reporting
Report aggregated results, or individual sites or assets instantly
100 % Auditable
100% transparency of all calculations, and change logs
Verifier Friendly
All global independent verifiers have interacted with the Accuvio Audit interface
Administer, update and expand the reporting scope in a few minutes any time
62,000 Emissions Factors
Jurisdiction, region, country and supplier specific factors
Data Cleaning
Data validation and cleaning at each step of the process
Site Specific User Access
Control what your colleagues and see and change anytime
Data Gaps and Anomalies Alerts
Automated email alerts when gaps or issues are detected in your data.
Global Coverage
Centralise and standardise your data reporting

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