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The eLearning Module is a GreenKeys integrated tool that has been developed as an instrument to be used during workshops and training courses. Through the use of this Module more awareness should be gained about the value of green spaces and the benefits of good urban green space management. The Module is primarily targeted at professional, urban based, planners who are seeking further information on the added value and benefits that urban green spaces can bring to the development of the urban environment.

Why an eLearning Module? We believe that technology has a profound effect on the way we acquire information, create our own knowledge and apply this. In the framework the eLearning Module aims to provide a flexible, attractive and user-friendly means of communicating Urban Green Space Strategies. This should result in stronger support and the achievement of a better approach to sustainable development that is closely allied to green spaces planning and management.

The eLearning Module was developed by the Department of Sciences Applied to Complex Systems, Technical University of Marche, Ancona, Italy.

A Read Me file is provided to assist users in their interaction with the eLearning Module sections.

The manual GREENKEYS @ YOUR CITY – A GUIDE FOR URBAN GREEN QUALITY is one of the major outcomes of the GreenKeys project. It is composed of a booklet and a CD-ROM Tools.

The manual is a synthesis of the expertise and experiences gained by the GreenKeys partners during the course of the project. It is orientated towards problem solving and contains tools, methodology, a catalogue of case studies and good practice examples.

The booklet of the manual is also available here. All sections are in English and prepared as PDF-files. A short introduction to each tool can be found in the booklet. Detailed descriptions and information on how to use these tools are available in this CD-ROM as templates, which can be downloaded.

This folder contains information material about the 12 GreenKeys Partner Cities. Amongst the files are a series of Case Reports.

These reports contain a short description of main activities and tasks in the GreenKeys project as well as the location, current green situation and urban green space strategy.

The list of these departments and the individual people involved within GreenKeys you can see here (PDF, 358 kB).
Please select the Partner City in the corresponding folder!

The GreenKeys Toolbox is a coordinated set of instruments, techniques and recommendations which has been prepared:

  • to give support to the process of building an Urban Green Space Strategy and
  • to facilitate the search for solutions and new ideas to develop and manage green spaces in an urban context.

The GreenKeys Toolbox contains concepts and ideas that will aid the better understanding of urban green spaces and assist in the making of investment decisions for the future.
The Tools developed during the GreenKeys Project, with their accompanying files, are available for accessing or downloading here.

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