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With any Smart Grid implementation, utilities face extremely large up-front and on-going expenses as well as the daunting task of planning, executing, and managing the entire project – all of which may expose the utility to an undue amount of integration risk and financial stress.Grid IQ Solutions as a Service delivers subscription based hosted Smart Grid service 'packages' designed to leverage GE's breadth, experience, and Smart Grid technology to shift integration, financial, and deployment risks away from the utility and provide a cost-effective Smart Grid solution.The offering utilizes GE-owned Smart Grid software and hardware technologies and strategic partnerships to provide meters and metering services, AMI, meter data management, pre-payment Outage Management System (OMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Geospatial Information System (GIS) as pre-integrated standard packages for faster deployment at a low up front cost and with low utility risk.

  • GE assumes the integration, technology, and up-front financial risks, and if desired, the ownership of both the hardware and software. GE will manage and update the IT infrastructure, hosted data center, AMI network, meters, and software based upon Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and deliver the valuable data back to the utility, thus alleviating any concerns over technology obsolescence and maintenance.
  • Pre-integrated GE hosted packages allow for faster deployment through the utilization of a standard architecture which requires little to no customization. A typical base package including AMI, meters, OMS, and GIS can be deployed in 6 months compared to a typical AMI only deployment which may take 12-18 months.
  • Depending on your utility's current level of Smart Grid implementation, GE offers a Core Package which provides the foundational metering, AMI, outage management, consumer portal, and GIS capability. In addition, we offer an Advanced Package which provides advanced asset management and mobile mapping application capabilities.

With the Core Package, utilities can begin to reap the benefits of advanced metering (water, gas, and electric), pre-payment, AMI, outage detection, meter data management, and a consumer portal. The Core Package is specifically crafted to provide utilities with the optimal integrated bundle resulting in reduced costs, increased cash flow due to reduction in bad debt, and better engagement with consumers.

Metering & Pre-payment Services
GE has long been a valued provider of electric solid-state meter technology. With the Core Package, GE can deliver its feature-rich I-210+c residential electric meter with remote disconnect and its kV2c polyphase meter for commercial applications. The package also includes a pre-payment application and portal, which GE will integrate with the utility CIS billing system. Pre-payment services give consumers the ability to pay for their electricity up-front and avoid large security deposits, while at the same time reducing the utility's bad debt expense and carrying costs.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure
GE will integrate with a variety of different AMI technologies from many different vendors. As part of the Core Package, GE's Grid IQ Solutions as a Service engineers will evaluate the utility territory, topography, and system requirements to select the best long term communications infrastructure.

Geospatial Information System (GIS)
With GE's Core Smallworld (GIS) application, utilities have the ability to view the network exactly as it is deployed in the field. This allows utilities to identify the precise location of metering assets and customers to best utilize network resources.

Outage Detection & Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Fully integrated with the GIS in the core package is GE's PowerOn Outage Management System. PowerOn OMS increases operational efficiency and improves the speed of the location of faults.

Coupled with IVR, utility customers will be automatically contacted either via text, phone call, or e-mail to ensure they are up-to-date on estimated outage duration. This allows Customer Service Representatives to focus on the most critical consumer cases.

Consumers desire more and more information on their energy usage. GE's web portal can empower utility customers with the display of near real-time energy usage and price. The portal engages consumers with the tools to better manage energy habits, and removes uncertainty with their bill at the end of the month.

The Advanced Package is designed to give utilities even more visibility and control of assets, network, and processes. It includes the GE Smallworld Asset Management suite, which efficiently designs and models complex network infrastructures and supports asset management lifecycle processes. Also included in the integrated package are mobile capabilities to provide GIS, map and facility data out to the field.

If a utility already has the core package or elements of core package in place, the advanced package can be easily integrated into the utility's current systems.


The GE Smallworld Asset Management suite provides advanced GIS functionality. Utilities can take advantage of configurable network tracing, transformer load management, event history, and CAD tools for mapping, designing, and updating the network.

Network updates and work requests can be optimized through field force automation tools – as outages and new equipment are completed or repaired, the geospatial network can be automatically updated when work orders are completed, insuring accurate network build. The Asset Management Suite will assist in equipping a utility with a full network model of a utility's assets, opening the door for distribution management, substation automation, demand response, load forecasting and much more.

For utilities with gas and/or water metering assets, GE will deliver its Water Office & Gas Office software, providing ease in managing and designing their ever-growing water and gas network. These software applications are specifically designed for water and gas networks, each equipped with standard gas or water data models, thus reducing database design and improving operational efficiency.


Integrate and extend your back office systems (i.e., computer information systems, work management and dispatch), along with the entire GIS, into the field and throughout the enterprise, providing field workers the ability to:

  • Access up-to-date asset information, customer data, and supporting documentation
  • View not only GIS data, but also AutoCad®, Microstation®, Raster data, and Aerial Imagery
  • View work order assignments geographically and obtain point to point routing directions
  • Utilize asset and trace information for outage diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Create redlines and sketches in the field and send those changes back to the main office

What can Solutions as a Service bring to your utility?

The GE Grid IQ Solutions as a Service offering is uniquely structured to provide utilities the best possible Smart Grid foundation with the least amount of financial, implementation and technology risk. GE has leveraged its broad Smart Grid experience, utility feedback and data, joint action agencies, and industry research to refine and develop a Customer Value Analysis Tool to assist in quantifying the projected cost savings and benefits Solutions as a Service can bring to utilities. The tool is designed to answer questions about cost savings, benefits of implementing the solution and return on investment. This ensures common understanding between the utility and the GE solutions team before any purchase is made.

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