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Our GuardDog software is 100% web-based, meaning you won’t need to install any software, invest in expensive servers, or hire an IT staff. Plus, it’s included FREE with every OmniSite device. Our interface was designed specifically to give operators, engineers, and managers the ability to easily view alarms and analyze trends for their critical machinery and equipment.


Standard features include:

  • Graphing and Charting
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Exporting to PDF, XLS and DOC
  • Notifications via phone, email & text
  • Alarm History Logs
  • Pump Data, Rainfall and Influent Reports

The interface is a culmination of ten years of experience, customer suggestions, and brainstorming sessions. The result? GuardDog has set the standard for the industry, with its intuitive navigation and graphical interface, any novice can become an expert.

Our GuardDog software provides a powerful and intuitive interface which allows users to manage their systems over the internet on any computer, or iPhone.

Setup and Use in Minutes
GuardDog was designed to be simple to use, while providing best in class features and options. Initial setup of the system is quick and easy. Within minutes, customers will be creating graphs, exporting their data, performing advanced data analyzation and more – and they won’t need to be a software engineer to do it!

Access Your Equipment 24/7
Web-based technology makes it possible to monitor pump stations any day, any time, from any computer. With increasing environmental concerns, GuardDog will give wastewater treatment plant operators peace of mind that their equipment is working properly!

The OmniSite GuardDog App is available for the iPhone and iPod touch devices and may be freely downloaded on the App Store or by using iTunes.
Simple to Use

GuardDog was designed to be simple to use, while providing best in class features and options. The GuardDog iPhone App is no different. The app provides a read-only subset of GuardDog’s features as shown on the right. Hover over each item to see a screenshot.
Peace of Mind

The app allows access to equipment status from any one of OmniSite’s alarm monitors. Using this app in combination with the GuardDog web interface makes it possible to monitor your equipment any day, any time, from any computer, and now even from your pocket.

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