HachLink 2000 Software

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HachLink 2000 Software
HachLink 2000 is a Microsoft Windows application that allows you to capture test data from Hach lab instruments and store it in text or spreadsheet format on your personal computer. Can be used with DR/4000, DR/2500, DR/2400 Spectrophotometers, DR/800 Colorimeters, 2100 Series Lab Turbidimeters, sensION Electrochemical Meters (except sensION1 Portable), and HSA-1000 Scanning Metals Analyzer. Can also be used with older Hach products including DR/3000 and DR/2010 Spectrophotometer, and EC20, EC30, DC40, DO175 and CO150 Electrochemical Meters. Includes CDROM and a Quick Start Instruction Sheet.
Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation
Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation
5600 Lindbergh Drive - P.O. Box 389
Loveland ,  CO 80539-0389


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