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The Vib@Work hand-arm range consists of two types of sensor (200G and 5000G) and the '“HASensor” and “HAViewer” software. Used individually or in combination, the vibration dosimeters enable the measurement of the hand-arm vibration exposure of an operator using hand-held or hand-guided vibrating tools in accordance with the 2002/44/EC European directive (commonly known as the “vibration directive”).

The HASensor Basic Software allows the user :

  • to enter the measurement configuration details (tools used by the operator during his/her working day, position and orientation of the sensors on these tools).
  • to prepare the sensor(s) for measurement.
  • to access - following a period of use of the tools by the operator - the measurements acquired from the sensor(s).
  • To automatically calculate and display the partial (for each tool) and total (for a given operator) exposure values in a simple manner.

HAViewer (optional) is the vibration analysis software, which is part of the Vib@Work hand-arm vibration dosimeter product range.

The Main HAViewer Features include :

  • the display of vibration time histories.
  • tool use simulations over different periods for comparison with actual measurement periods.
  • the management of several sensors.
  • reporting tools.
  • the export of measurements into various formats (viewer, spreadsheet and text formats).
  • the creation of annotations.
  • the creation of exclusion tools.
  • peak searches.
  • the import of voice messages recorded during vibration measurements.
  • the import of videos recorded during vibration measurements.

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista® or Windows 7®.
  • Microsoft®.NET Framework 2.0.
  • Hard disk drive with 20Mb of available space.
  • CD-ROM reader.
  • VGA graphics card or compatible video graphics driver at up to 256K colours or higher.
  • Keyboard.
  • Microsoft® mouse or compatible pointing device.
  • Free USB port on your PC (an external USB Hub port may not work effectively).

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