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Hazardous Chemical Registration Module


The Hazardous Chemical Module enables a simplified tracking and control of highly hazardous chemicals located at your institution, including those tracked by DHS, DEA, and OSHA. The Hazardous Chemical Module enables PIs or authorized laboratory members to register which hazardous chemicals are used by their lab via an easy to use and secure web-based interface.  Additionally, this registration process collects information regarding which specific lab members come in contact with specific classifications of hazardous chemicals.

The registration wizard walks researchers through a series of questions and forms to collect information regarding the following Hazardous Chemical categories:

  • Acutely Toxic Solids or Liquids
  • Acutely Toxic or Reactive Compressed Gasses
  • Select Agent Toxins/Biological Toxins
  • DEA Regulated Substances
  • Explosive, shock or temperature sensitive chemicals
  • Reactive chemicals (air/water reactive or unstable at STP)
  • OSHA Regulated Carcinogens
  • Nanoparticles

Once collected, compliance officers will have knowledge of which labs use hazardous chemicals, where the labs are, and what specifically they work with.  This provides an organizational understanding of which labs are higher risk enabling proper oversight.  Additionally, contact reports can be generated to determine which labs use a specific chemical, or which researchers come in contact with specific classifications of Hazardous Chemicals.

Feature Highlights

  • View all labs that use hazardous chemicals at your research center
  • View all hazardous chemicals used at your research center and monitor who is using them
  • View hazardous chemicals used by each lab
  • View each researcher identified as a user of specific hazardous chemical categories
  • View a Chemical Summary Document for each laboratory to easily evaluate and review the hazardous chemical information for that lab.
  • Wizard steps the PI through the process ensuring no confusion
  • Ability for PI to delegate the process to a lab member (PI must review and submit)
  • Smart wizard ensures that PIs are only asked questions pertinent to their research.
  • Tracks solely Hazardous Chemical usage - doesn't waste researcher's time tracking non relevant chemicals
  • Auto-generated task-lists keep the PI on track with what needs to be completed
  • Information can be updated by the PI at any time

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