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The way in which we regulate a safe workplace is more important than ever, which is why especially dedicated tools are a must. If you’re noticing failings in providing a safe working environment for your employees, it could be worth investing in a system that will help you to locate issues before they turn into a big problem for everyone involved. Investing in Health and Safety Software is one of the most forward-thinking ways in which you can stay on top of your company’s safety obligations. Here are some key aspects of the software which make it a must for all who have health and safety as a top priority.

What is it?No amount of training, risk assessment or preventative measures can completely protect against incidents within the workplace.

A complete Incident Reporting solution should encompass:
  • Initial Reporting
  • Review by authorised persons
  • Assignment & management of follow up actions
  • Reporting to authorities, such as HSE, if required
With employers facing responsibilities under RIDDOR to report accidents that happen ‘out of or in connection with work’ the processes in place for reporting incidents need to be more robust, accurate and detailed than ever before
STEP 1: Initial Reporting
The Safety Media Incident Reporting module allows any employee to log into your learning management system, using the same details they use to complete their e-Learning, and fill out an Incident Report form online. They can report upon:
  • Injuries
  • Near Misses / Dangerous Occurrences
  • Damage to Property / Assets
  • Breaches of Security
Supporting evidence such as photographs, forms etc. can be added to the report & location / date information is stored within the system.
STEP 2: Management of the Incident
Once submitted the relevant people are informed via automated notifications whereby they will be able to log into
the system, view the report and fill in additional details; such as:
  • Adding actions to be taken
  • Resolving actions taken already
  • Attaching further documentation
  • Triggering a RIDDOR notification if appropriate
Once all of the above has been completed and actions closed off, the Incident Report can be filed and considered complete.

All information will be stored within the Incident Reporting suite and can be viewed / reported upon as required.
STEP 3: Reporting Options
There are a number of reporting options available including:
  • Submitted Accident Reports
  • Outstanding Issues
  • RIDDOR Notifiable Accidents
  • Pending Accident Reports
These reports, depending on the type of incident, can be built using whatever information you require such as: Department; Injury Type; Absence; Date Range; Nature of Damage; Extent of Damage etc.
STEP 4: Dashboards
Pertinent areas of the reportable information can be displayed in easy to digest dashboards. This allows all stakeholders to see trends, hot-spots, areas for concern and other information relevant to making decisions allowing for a safer working environment.

What is it?
Risk Management is more than just conducting annual risk assessments, although a vital part of the process, full cycle risk management encompasses much more. To reflect this, Safety Media offer both Risk Assessment & Risk Checklists features within the Learning Management System.
  • Risk Assessments : The creation and completion of risk assessments is a key feature of the Safety Media Risk Management solution, however this tool also allows for review, addition of control measures, approval and follow up of assessments to also be included.
  • Risk Checklist : An additional Risk Management feature offered by Safety Media is the inclusion of Risk Checklist questions in every e-Learning course we produce. By asking yes / no questions relating specifically to your organisation’s Health & Safety requirements, administrators are able to quickly identify, manage and assess risks using the simple traffic light system.
Risk Assessment
Risk assessors can log into the Learning Management System to build and complete risk assessments individually for your organisation. Within the assessments there is a 5x5 risk matrix used as default which is fully editable and expandable along with the ability to edit the criteria that defines a risk. Assessments can be built and completed simply using standardised ratings allowing for auditable reporting practices relevant for your business.
Risk Checklist
One of the key benefits of Safety Media’s Learning Management System is the ease with which administrators can identify, assess, manage, and report upon potential and specific risks in your organisation. Every course has a built-in risk assessment checklist that can be fully edited and personalised by your system administrator.

When completing a course, every user will be asked to complete a series of questions with yes or no answers, along with the ability to add any freehand comments as appropriate. Based on these answers, the user will be assigned a risk rating, which is flagged in the administration panel.

Using a simple traffic light system, administrators can assess risks either by individual, course or department and then take appropriate actions to eliminate or minimise the risks, and update the records accordingly.

This module assists in:

  • Structuring audits across multiple business locations
  • Alerting management if reports haven’t been completed
  • Assigning levels of acceptance
  • Submitting your reports efficiently

Keeping on top of yours and your company’s auditing processes is vital for managers and businesses, this module aims to make the task that little bit easier.

What is it?
Large public or private sector organisations should have formal procedures for auditing and reporting Health & Safety performance. This module allows you to create and administer site or departmental audits in a robust, effective and uniform manner. Whether on a construction site, warehouse, retail unit or office - being able to audit your surroundings in a structured and centralised way will allow them to be a safer environment.

Our Solution
Within the Learning Management System, you can create Audit templates which can be distributed for completion by relevant managers - for example Store Managers in retail units. If Risk Assessment or Incident Management is an audit criteria, these sections can be automatically populated by the system if used in conjunction with the relevant areas. Upon completing an audit form, the auditor will be able to review each criteria, attach relevant documents and assign a pass / fail status based on particular criteria.For example... If you were to discover a broken light bulb when auditing the shop-floor, this would result in a fail status and require additional information for rectification purposes. Upon submission the relevant department (for example Maintenance) would be informed of the requirement so that the work can be scheduled as appropriate. Once satisfactorily rectified the action can be closed off by the relevant manager and the audit filed as Submitted.

Audits can be assigned to users with a cycle for completion. Should audits not be carried out on time, automatic alerts can be sent through the reporting hierarchy so that disciplinary action can be taken.For example... If a Store Manager doesn’t complete their audit in time, the Regional Manager will be informed, if this continues the relevant Director will be informed etc.

Robust, Editable, Usable

Being able to safely record all of your activity is a huge benefit to online management but being able to report upon Health & Safety information is the greatest benefit of using Software based solutions to manage your needs. That is why you can report upon any activity within your Learning Management System, whether that be:

» E-Learning » Risk Management » Incident Reporting » Audits

You can be sure to find editable reporting systems allowing your reports to be as simple or complex as you require. From drilling down into dashboards, to automatically emailing reports based on specific criteria to people internally or externally, we are sure you will find whatever you need when it comes to Health & Safety reporting with Safety Media’s LMS

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