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HoleBASE is a comprehensive data management and borehole logging software package for geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigations. The software is modular so you can start with a fully functional borehole logging program and then, later, if you need to draw cross sections, complete bill of quantities, invoices or AutoCAD drawings then you can simply add the required modules as, and when, you need them.

The overall scope of data covers geological stratigraphy and classification of soils for engineering purposes, in situ testing including CPT & dynamic probe testing, laboratory test results including contaminant testing, downhole geophysics, and time-related monitoring of instrumentation.

HoleBASE's ability to distribute data to where required, and its impressive range of data editing and manipulation tools, makes it the most versatile application in its class. Each project can accommodate thousands of exploratory hole records with minimal effect on performance.

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