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- Version 305 - Mobile Tag System for Mobile Surveys


The Model 305 Mobile Tag System allows researchers to detect presence/absence while simultaneously identifying tagged fish in one simple application. Whether employing an omni or directional hydrophone, researchers can obtain raw acoustic tag signals that are immune to data collisions and false positives. The Model 305 consists of a modified HTI Acoustic Tag Data Logger contained within a pelican case along with a computer running the MobileTag software. Additional time-saving features include the ability to record GPS information which can be viewed in real-time or later within the application.

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In addition to presence/absence detection, mobile surveys are commonly used to determine fish presence beyond and between wide-spread fixed station arrays. They are also used to identify locations where motionless transmitters have accumulated (e.g., predated or defecated). With the rise of mobile acoustic telemetry surveys around the world, HTI has continued to develop more efficient tools for mobile studies.

  • Provides presence/absence while simultaneously identifing tagged fish
  • Immune to data collisions & false-positives
  • Manage data logger settings, view data, and check battery status at anytime
  • Ideal for complementing fixed-station telemetry & evaluating mortality between fixed arrays

Model 305 Makes Tag Detection Simple for All HTI Data Loggers

Presence/Absence Detection with 1 Acoustic Tag Data Logger

* Did you know that additional loggers can provide 2D and 3D tracking?

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