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- Version 1.0 - Huan An Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRFSYSTEM) 1.0

Weather Research and Forecasting Model(WRF) is next generation of mesoscale weather forecasting model. It is a unified meteorological model, which is developed centering on American scientific institutions like NCAR. WRF model is full compressible and non-hydrostatic model. It is written with F90 language. Arakawa C grid point is used in horizontal direction and terrain-following vertical coordinates is used in vertical direction. WRF model adopts third order or forth order Runge-Kutta algorithm in time integral. WRF model can be used in case simulation of weather. In addition, its included modules can be used as theoretical basis of basic physical process. WRFSYSTEM is an interfaced software, with WRF as its core. According to the features of atmospheric environment modeling, the software packages WRF and makes common parameters of running WRF and partial data within the system, which reduces the complexity of running WRF. The software adopts C/S architecture. Linux operating system needed to run WRF is adopted on server side. Familiar Windows operating system is adopted on client side and multiple clients are supported.

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